A few months back Meg asked me to be a guest designer for one of her monthy kits and I was blown away. It is a huge honour and a wonderful opportunity for me and couldn’t pass on it. I had alot of fun working with Meg on the kit and looking through all the yummy new products that had just been released at CHA was sooooooo much fun. I love what is in Aprils kit and had so much fun working with it and made a really cool quote book. Meg’s kits just keep getting better every month and I am looking forward to the up coming kits. So Meg, Thank you very much for putting your faith in me to do this for you and thank you for the shoulder when I needed it. It means alot!

This is Aprils kit and its just YUMMY! and for the first time this month there were add on kits available and of course I just had to have it….lol

Here are some photos of the quote book I made from Aprils kit.


Comments on: "Guest Designer For Scrapbook Essentials" (5)

  1. Rochelle said:

    Your quote book is FANTASTIC! So nice to see it after hearing about it. It’s so funky! Very useful idea too. 🙂

  2. Love it!!! You’ve done a great job with that book. Can’t wait to see what everybody does with the April kit, and your GD stuff. Times like these I soooooo wish I could afford to buy the kits!!! :-0

  3. This quote book is amazing!! I cant wait to make one myself. I love quotes..

  4. Mrs Frizz said:

    It’s a little ripper that quote book of yours – brilliant and on my list of things to do – although I keep telling you I should send it up to you lock, stock and barrel and you can send it back to me when you are done … lol.

    ‘Believe’ was your word, I’m sure of it … believe in yourself Tanya – our Queen of OTP – you rock. Well done you!

  5. Wow Tanya your Quote Book is Awesome!!!

    Go you!!

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