I’ve been tagged!!!

Thanks Neen for tagging me…NOT!!! lol. Not to sure how long it has been since you tagged me but never mind, so here goes!

5 Quirky things about Tanya Leigh

1) I hate my feet being touched. When Neil touches my feet I hit the roof….lol Hate it!

2) When I go camping I take coat hangers to hang my clothes…can’t help it.

3) Everything I buy has to be black, white or you guess it PINK!!!!

4) Not a day goes by that I don’t put my makeup on and do my hair, can’t be seen with out doing both.

5) I have a very loud laugh and people look sideways at me when they meet me for the first time, but hey that’s me!

Well there you go, things you didn’t know about me and probably didn’t need or want to know…….roflmao!!!! But to bad! lol
If anyone else has tagged me and I haven’t done it I’m sorry. Haven’t spent alot of time till today to surf blogs. SO who to tag……ummmmmmm!!
Meg, Ruth, and Julie…… sorry girls but it had to be someone…lol


Comments on: "I’ve been tagged!!!" (5)

  1. Now the coathanger thing made m laugh, thats really quirky!!! I got tagged too for that one and look out for mine on Monday. Was fun though sitting down working out your quirks! I so want to hear you laugh.

  2. Michelle is so the same with the hair and make up lol Is that a family thing? lol
    I sooo hear you on the feet thing, drives me nuts.
    Hhm I might use that on mine as it seems some one tagged me lol

  3. Hehe, the coat hanger one is funny!! And I think it is cute about wearing Black, White & Pink! At least everything will match easily ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Rochelle tagged me with this same one, so I’d better get onto it I think!!

  4. karen - girlfriday said:

    You take coat hangers camping!! LOL too funny ๐Ÿ™‚ wow the range of quirks is growing … who knew there were so many quirky people around!

  5. Coat hangers camping!! OMG! MY DH will tell you I have learnt to be rough and ready – he got such a ribbing when he went tramping without me once and the guys found his pressed hankies! LOL – I’m just catching up on my blogs Tanya and both you and Rochelle tagged me – you ChCh gals got something against us southern babes? LOL

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