I have been scrapping!

I thought a wee update was in order. I have been scrapping and thought I would share.  I came across this blog via Facebook and had to share..

My Little Bit of Whimsy

Go check it out, it’s very cool!

Anyway, on the 16th July this sketch went up for a challenge and I just loved the sketch so did a layout on Friday night while scrapping with Debbie

And here is my take on this sketch…


I so love this sketch and had to do a layout, this is my school photo from 1980, don’t look for me…LOL!!!

Little Shop of Sketches is going well with my 2 new designers, Kim and Lindy.  The sketches are done using digital kits from the lovely Louise Williams, thanks chickie!

Here are the last 2 sketches using Louise’s kits…


And here are my layouts….

This next layout I did just cos’ The photo was taken many moons ago…LOL!!! It of me, Jarrod, Leigh and my aunty and uncle.

And this next one is the last layout from a kit I brought from Scrappin’ Patch that Hannah did…..love how it turned out. Just needs dates etc and it’s done.


Well, that’s about it for now on the scrappy front as I have also been busy making and sorting stuff for the kids school fair. I am running the craft stall again and trying to get people to make things and help on the day is taking up a little bit of time.  We have some awesome crafts from people so far. The fair is on at Halswell School on November 20th if you are in Christchurch. I will add more at a later dated about the fair.


Anyway, better go. Things to do, people to see…LOL!!!


Tanya Leigh


Artfull Crafts



These are the layouts I sent in to Liz at Artfull Crafts. I am over the moon that I was picked for the design team for the next year. 

Congratulations also to

Tina Connolly

Betsy Clark

Lowri McNabb

Joanne Care

Shirley Towan

Janine Marsh


Don’t forget to check out Artfull Crafts website for the other DT girls work, stunning!



Till next time


Tanya Leigh

An update!

Well the first week of the holidays is over. It has been a good week. As much as I love my wee Noah it’s been nice spending time with just Jarrod and Leigh while Noah has been at preschool.  Doesn’t happen often so when it does it’s nice. Rugby training last week for Jarrod but none for Leigh. Jarrod played Saturday but they lost there game. Jarrod isn’t happy.

Kid free weekend for me, I had a great weekend. My friend Sarah brought me Sushi for lunch and we went scrappy shopping and I didn’t buy anything 😦 HAHAHA! Sad I know.

Did the housework on Friday so I didn’t have to do any of it on my free weeknd. I have a cold and have for a week now and I’m over it. Noah also has a cold and Jarrod is getting the start of it, just as well they are on holiday.

Here are some layouts I did at the KB retreat I had here last month…lol!

This first one was for the last sketch over at Little Shop of Sketches, sketch #65

 These next ones are from kits I brought from Scrappin’ Patch

I just love Hannah’s Kits she does for Scrappin’ Patch and work well as I have boys to..LOL!!!


And another kit from Scrappin’ Patch

These layouts aren’t normally my type of layouts but I stepped outside me comfort zone and did them and love how they turned out.

Thanks Heidi and Hannah for these amazing kits 🙂


Well better fly, Have lots to do today


Tanya Leigh


Over the last couple of weeks I have been doing some scrapbooking and also doing sketches for Little Shop. It sure is nice to be doing Little Shop of Sketches again. Don’t forget to check us out on FaceBook.

Here are a few layouts from a kit that Hannah did over at Scrappin’ Patch

This one was perfect as I hadn’t scrapped the photo’s from when Jarrod left kindy. Naughty me, he is 13 now..lol!


Thanks Hannah for a great kit, Love it!

This next layout is of me flying a jet, not a real one…who would let me do that..LOL!!! More FM gave me a ticket just before Christmas last year to learn how to fly a jet, so I did and it was awesome.


Jarrod, Leigh and my friend Tracy were sitting in the back. It was alot of fun and something I wouldn’t normally do, well not at $135 a ticket.

Have other layouts done but can’t show here as they are for Little Shop, you will have to wait.

Well better go, have to take Noah to the dentist


Tanya Leigh

Happy Birthday to me

Today is my birthday and I am 37 years old. Now I don’t look or feel 37 so that has to be good, right? Today has been good but also hard for me. This birthday is the first birthday without Neil and there was lots of tears and hard moments during the day.

Neil did buy me a present which was nice of him but still doesn’t make today any easier. The boys were at school (they were trying to get the day off…LOL!!) but I did have Noah at home with me. Noah was singing to me all day…..

Happy birthday to mummy, Happy birthday to mummy, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to mummy. Lots of cuddles from Noah all day and lots of singing. So Cute!

I did get a visit from my friend Sarah with yummy coffee, choc, cake etc along with a lovely card. My mum come to visit to with my present, yummy perfume and some make up brushes. My Mum knows me so well…LOL!!! I had birthday mail to. I had a birthday call over the radio and also many many birthday wishes on Facebook to. So many people thought of me today which was just lovely.

Thanks guys!

Right, off to clean up lounge a bit and then going to watch TV with the boys.

Have a great weekend guys!




Tanya Leigh

I have decided to re open Little Shop of Sketches and the Design Team have decided to stay on which is just awesome. Stephanie has decided to go on with other things, thanks Stephanie for what you did while on the design team. I wish you luck!

I have added Little Shop to Facebook so you can find us there and also don’t forget the blog.


And I have done a couple of layouts. First one is a scraplift from one in a kit from Scrappin’ Patch.





Tanya Leigh

Thank you!

I just wanted to say thank you to those that left comments, you are truly wonderful and thanks for the support.

At the moment my life seems to suck big time but I know with time and the support of family and friends (and that includes you guys) I know the boys and myself will be ok. Getting out and facing the world again has been hard as I blamed me for what happened but I now know that it wasn’t me I have come out from under that rock.


Thanks again guys for the love and support



Tanya Leigh