Over the last couple of weeks I have been doing some scrapbooking and also doing sketches for Little Shop. It sure is nice to be doing Little Shop of Sketches again. Don’t forget to check us out on FaceBook.

Here are a few layouts from a kit that Hannah did over at Scrappin’ Patch

This one was perfect as I hadn’t scrapped the photo’s from when Jarrod left kindy. Naughty me, he is 13!


Thanks Hannah for a great kit, Love it!

This next layout is of me flying a jet, not a real one…who would let me do that..LOL!!! More FM gave me a ticket just before Christmas last year to learn how to fly a jet, so I did and it was awesome.


Jarrod, Leigh and my friend Tracy were sitting in the back. It was alot of fun and something I wouldn’t normally do, well not at $135 a ticket.

Have other layouts done but can’t show here as they are for Little Shop, you will have to wait.

Well better go, have to take Noah to the dentist


Tanya Leigh

Happy Birthday to me

Today is my birthday and I am 37 years old. Now I don’t look or feel 37 so that has to be good, right? Today has been good but also hard for me. This birthday is the first birthday without Neil and there was lots of tears and hard moments during the day.

Neil did buy me a present which was nice of him but still doesn’t make today any easier. The boys were at school (they were trying to get the day off…LOL!!) but I did have Noah at home with me. Noah was singing to me all day…..

Happy birthday to mummy, Happy birthday to mummy, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to mummy. Lots of cuddles from Noah all day and lots of singing. So Cute!

I did get a visit from my friend Sarah with yummy coffee, choc, cake etc along with a lovely card. My mum come to visit to with my present, yummy perfume and some make up brushes. My Mum knows me so well…LOL!!! I had birthday mail to. I had a birthday call over the radio and also many many birthday wishes on Facebook to. So many people thought of me today which was just lovely.

Thanks guys!

Right, off to clean up lounge a bit and then going to watch TV with the boys.

Have a great weekend guys!




Tanya Leigh

I have decided to re open Little Shop of Sketches and the Design Team have decided to stay on which is just awesome. Stephanie has decided to go on with other things, thanks Stephanie for what you did while on the design team. I wish you luck!

I have added Little Shop to Facebook so you can find us there and also don’t forget the blog.

And I have done a couple of layouts. First one is a scraplift from one in a kit from Scrappin’ Patch.





Tanya Leigh

Thank you!

I just wanted to say thank you to those that left comments, you are truly wonderful and thanks for the support.

At the moment my life seems to suck big time but I know with time and the support of family and friends (and that includes you guys) I know the boys and myself will be ok. Getting out and facing the world again has been hard as I blamed me for what happened but I now know that it wasn’t me I have come out from under that rock.


Thanks again guys for the love and support



Tanya Leigh

I think I am ready….

to talk about me and what has happened. Most of you know that things with me haven’t been right since November 2009. On the 24th November 2009 the love of my life up and walked out on me and my boys. Ever since that day things haven’t been good.  Over the last 5 months I haven’t been in a good space and some days have seen me really low, lost, scared, tired etc.

I have been hiding under a rock and only now finding my way out from under it. Things are still sooooo very hard and everything hurts but the boys and myself are getting there. Makes things hard when my ex husband doesn’t care about his boys and Neil wants to move to Auckland to be with his new girlfriend and leave me to bring up Noah on my own. But we are taking one day at a time. I need to make time for me but that is hard when your doing it on your own. 

I have started scrapping again and that feels great but going through photos with Neil in them is hard. I was sitting one night going through them and Noah spots a photo of Neil and he wouldn’t let it go and sat on my knee crying his little heart out….what do you do?

At the moment I seem to be doing alot for everyone else and that is doing my head in but I don’t know what to do for me. I have no idea!  My friends and family have been fab and are there for me if I need it (and I need it).

I went out and got myself a job doing 15 hours a week and then had to turn it down. As I am on the DPB (which I hate so much) 😦 and when you start working they take money off you and by the time they did that and child care costs I would be working for $3 a week. Not worth it. Wouldn’t you think WINZ would make it easy for you to go out and get a job…BUT NO!!!

Everything sucks right about now and life isn’t pretty but one step at a time.


Thought I would share some layouts I have done using kits by Scrappin’ Patch.

This layout just needs a title.

And this one is a scraplift from a layout that Scrappin’ Patch had on their wall. Loved it, had to scrap it.


Well better go, have a great weekend


Tanya Leigh





More layouts

I have been scrapping again with kits from Scrappin’ Patch and thought I would share….

Still one more to come from using this kit. On to it!

And this is the first layout I did when I started scrapping again.  It’s ok! But love the photo’s of my wee Noah, loves having his hair done like a dinosaur…lol!


I think I got great news today, will find out for sure tomorrow and can share. Things are starting to look up for me and I’m over the moon. I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel….:-)


Till next time


Tanya Leigh

Scrapping again

Well after 5 months of no scrapping I have and still am having a huge clean out of my scrappy stuff and I am scrapping again. I have been out to Scrappin’ Patch and brought a couple of kits to get me back into it. Great kits guys! Here are a couple I have finished…


These kits are great as all I had to do was add photo’s and for now I can do that….lol!  I am doing more but they aren’t finished yet.

If you want a bargin check out here


My listings on Trade Me

Lots of stuff and all at $1 reserve.


Anyway, life around here is getting much better and I feel happy, for the first time in 5 months I can say I am happy and loving life, but that could all change to so for now I am living one day at a time.

I have my family and my friends right there beside me when I need them and my friends Sarah and Alan have been my rock, Thanks guys! You mean so much to me, luv ya!


Anyway, first day back at school for the boys and missing them already.


Till next time


Tanya Leigh

More Photos

Well the last post ended up being long so thought I would do another update. While I was in Whangarei Ruth took me around to see Janine and I got to meet the men in her life.


It was great to catch up with you again Janine and to meet your boys and your man.  Thanks for the afternoon catching up.

Your a Star!

This photo is the shower I showered in the first night at the batch..

There was rat S**T on the floor, I couldn’t believe it.  It was funny thou as everyone at the batch was giving me heaps about it.  It so wasn’t me but I did it but was good to be home in my own shower…..LOL!!!!

This photo made me laugh…

And where we stayed was called SlingShit Lodge….now that was funny…


Well better fly, have lots to do.



Tanya Leigh

A long over due update

I have tried to update my blog many times since my last post on the 5 December 2009 but couldn’t face it.  A lot has happened in my life since November 2009 and life is still really hard and I was hoping to face 2010 with a smile but that hasn’t been the case. 

I haven’t really been ready to face to world (on here) with what has happened and I’m not sure if I ever will but you never know. When I’m ready to face what has happened and I can move on I might be ready to share.  I know some of you have asked if everything is ok and you are all worried about me and I thank you for your kind thoughts, it means alot.  Just know that I am not sick.  I’ve been told that time is a great healer. I’m holding onto that thought.

So I’m thinking that my blog is a great diary and even if no one reads it it’s great to write somewhere.  I haven’t scrapped since November and every time I tried I couldn’t do it. Maybe one day soon I will get back to it but for now I am putting my time into other things.  Just before Christmas I started making jewellery which has kept me busy with orders. I am spending time with the boys and Jarrod is back this season playing rugby and Leigh has started also for the first time this year.

Noah is Noah and still loving preschool. He is a wee gem.

On the 26th Jan I flew up to Auckland and then through to Whangarei to meet my cousin and attend her wedding. Michelle picked me up from the airport and it was so cool to meet her. The last time we saw each other was around  30 years ago. Also go to meet her brother Jason, also my cousin.  It was such an awesome week away.  It was so hot up there I got sunburned and I hate the heat. The beach at Taupo Bay where Michelle got married was just beautiful. Spent alot of time on the beach.

I also got to me the lovely Ruth and her son Jaymin and I stayed with them the first night up there.  Ruth, your a star and thanks for looking after me and running me all over the show. It was so cool to meet you finally and thanks for everything.  🙂

I am also into Shabby Chic at the moment and I have a few wee things on the go. Painting a coffee table, frames, a step stall and a mini wooden ladder. 

A few photos from my cousins wedding….

My cousin Jason and me on the dance floor. Was so funny as Jason sooooo doesn’t dance but I got him up there…lol

And this photo was taken just before we said goodbye to each other. And yes I cried….LOL!!!

Thanks for a great week Michelle, Baz, Ruth and everyone I met while up in Whangarei, you all made me feel so welcome and it truly means alot.  It was a real eye opener staying at the beach with you all…you know what I mean Michelle….just lets say it was good to shower in my own shower……ROFLMAO!!!!!!

I also got to catch up with my aunty and uncle. Stayed with them on the Sunday and most of Monday. It was great to see you Sharon and Errol and thanks for having me to stay.


Well, I’m signing off now and heading to bed.  Today has been a better day but am soooo tired.


Tanya Leigh


I made a decision last week to close Stampin’ Scrap Paperie, Tanya Leigh Designs and Little Shop of Sketches. But since then I am going to keep Little Shop running but everything else will still go.  This was a easy decision to make due to personal reasons.

So with keep Little Shop there will be some changes but this won’t happen till 2010.  Little Shop won’t have the gallery anymore as that was part of Stampin’ Scrap Paperie but more on that in 2010 also.

You will find product on Trade Me until it’s all gone.




Tanya Leigh