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Project Life!

I have been doing Project Life since the 1st Jan 2011.  I didn’t take alot of photo’s last year and wanted to change that so I decided to do project life.  So on the 1st I took my first photo which was the house i am renting and have been taking photo’s everyday since.  It’s amazing what I have taken photo’s of…..our pile of socks (I hate matching socks..LOL!!!), a tea cup I turned into a pin cushion, etc.


It’s nice to do this and look back on even a week into Jan.  I am enjoying it and having fun with it.  The kids are over it and think it’s a waste of time…what do they know.

Here are the pages I have done…

Will add more soon as I have done a few more pages than this but haven’t taken photo’s.


Tanya Leigh