Welcome 2011!

Ok, I know I am about 25 days late but better late then never, right?

I have a few things I am planning on doing in 2011 and I am looking forward to it/them. Noah heads off to school this year and I will have some time for me and I will be making the most of it that’s for sure.  I am glad to see the back of 2010. It sucked big time, the worst year of my 37 years!

I am doing Project Life which I must say I am loving. A photo a day i thought ‘crap’ i can’t do that but hey I can.  Last year wasn’t a great year photo wise either. The camera didn’t get used much and for a scrapbooking that is BAD!

I have ordered and picked up papers from Scrappin’ Patch to do an album of Noah’s first year of school. I so can’t wait to be mummy help at school and play….LOL!! Lots of photo’s and making stuff.  I even played with glue,  ribbons and paper at preschool last week. I LOVED it! LOL!!

OMG! sending a child to high school isn’t cheap, is it? Just think what scrap goodies I could get for all that money…LOL!!But I must say Jarrod looks very cool in his uniform and so grown up. He will be 14 in March and is so much taller than me but according to Jarrod that isn’t hard…haha!


I have been busy working on Little Shop of Sketches to start back in Feb. I have been also playing around with different things in my craft room….

a bit of a mess but can’t be tidy and creative, right? These are my flowers I’ve been playing around with and a layout from one of my sketches from last year…



And this layout was using photo’s Neil took while Noah was on holiday with him….I put 3 on the layout and the rest are in the paper bag behind the photo’s.


And this one was from my Christmas Night with Jan.

Well, I have lots to share so will come back soon with more…..


Tanya Leigh

Comments on: "Welcome 2011!" (1)

  1. Tanya Watson said:

    love the layouts Tanya and yes I look at my scrapbooking room and think what a mess but i know where everything is and can find anything (99% of the time) when i want it hehe….. your big boy is off to school my big boy is off to kindy soon hehe, and yes its costing heaps to get jacqueline sorted for college this year, uniform fees and tehy thought they would throw camp in the first month back to school omg

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