The end of 2010!

Ok, I haven’t posted since forever but as this is the last day of 2010 I thought I would. I am going to be starting 2011 in a great way by going out tonight for new years. The last time I went out on new years was about 7 years ago. I know!!

As you all know 2010 hasn’t been a great time for me. I would say 2010 has been the worst year of my life. 2011 will see Noah start school and Jarrod going off to High school so with that 2011 is my year to get better and do things for me. Gym, scrappy, lunches with friends etc. With everything this year I had been hiding away and not catching up with people so 2011 will be busy busy busy.

 I have a new year to look forward to so I brought Project Life  

the week before Christmas and I am looking forward to doing that.  This Christmas has been very low key for us but perfect. I had the boys Christmas eve till 2pm Christmas Day. I went and had Christmas dinner with my Mum. NO!!! Not MY mum. I spent Christmas dinner with Jan, a lady who I have known for many years and has been a better mum to me that my real mum. It was a lovely day.

I didn’t put up my big Christmas tree this year as we only moved here on the 17th Nov and couldn’t really face Christmas with the trouble with my parents and my sister. But I did put up my little tree and a few christmas things around the house…


As last Christmas was different for us than the norm I started a new Christmas tradition


is to open a present on Christmas eve. The boys love it and we do it as a family (just me and my boys). Lots of different feelings this Christmas for me. Was hard to watch Noah leave at 2pm Christmas day with Neil and that Neil’s girlfriend is here from auckland and she will be looking after Noah for a few days.  HATE  it but I let him go. A step forward to me. I did get an invite to have dinner with Neil and Vicky. I can’t believe they asked really, I won’t repeat the words I used. Everything still hurts!

But I am moving on, well trying!

Here are a few photo’s of the boys from Christmas eve and Christmas morning…


 Ok, I was meant to go out tonight but I didn’t so I am off to bed just after midnight. Spent the night with my friend, her daughter and my boys.

Hope everyone has a awesome 2011 and lets forget about the crappy 2010 that is about to leave us.


Happy New Year!


Tanya Leigh

Comments on: "The end of 2010!" (3)

  1. I really hope you enjoyed your NYE out partying, Tanya! Sounds like just what the Dr ordered. And I am sure that 2011 is going to be a great year for you – certainly much happier than 2010! Hugs!

  2. May 2011 be a better year for you and your boys Tanya.

  3. Glad you’re sounding so positive for the coming year. Try and throw away all those negatives – the only person who really suffers is you. Next time that invitation comes from Neil, say yes. Be the bigger person. Show Noah you are a great Mum, who can stand on her own two feet, who can do these things – for you, and for him. We are all the authors of our own story – go out and write a new chapter:)

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