Happy Birthday to me

Today is my birthday and I am 37 years old. Now I don’t look or feel 37 so that has to be good, right? Today has been good but also hard for me. This birthday is the first birthday without Neil and there was lots of tears and hard moments during the day.

Neil did buy me a present which was nice of him but still doesn’t make today any easier. The boys were at school (they were trying to get the day off…LOL!!) but I did have Noah at home with me. Noah was singing to me all day…..

Happy birthday to mummy, Happy birthday to mummy, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to mummy. Lots of cuddles from Noah all day and lots of singing. So Cute!

I did get a visit from my friend Sarah with yummy coffee, choc, cake etc along with a lovely card. My mum come to visit to with my present, yummy perfume and some make up brushes. My Mum knows me so well…LOL!!! I had birthday mail to. I had a birthday call over the radio and also many many birthday wishes on Facebook to. So many people thought of me today which was just lovely.

Thanks guys!

Right, off to clean up lounge a bit and then going to watch TV with the boys.

Have a great weekend guys!




Tanya Leigh


Comments on: "Happy Birthday to me" (1)

  1. I’m sorry your birthday was a hard one this year – but it sounds like Noah and your friend Sarah did pretty good trying to make it a nice one! And not looking or feeling your age is a VERY good thing – you’re lucky 🙂

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