Scrapping again

Well after 5 months of no scrapping I have and still am having a huge clean out of my scrappy stuff and I am scrapping again. I have been out to Scrappin’ Patch and brought a couple of kits to get me back into it. Great kits guys! Here are a couple I have finished…


These kits are great as all I had to do was add photo’s and for now I can do that….lol!  I am doing more but they aren’t finished yet.

If you want a bargin check out here


My listings on Trade Me

Lots of stuff and all at $1 reserve.


Anyway, life around here is getting much better and I feel happy, for the first time in 5 months I can say I am happy and loving life, but that could all change to so for now I am living one day at a time.

I have my family and my friends right there beside me when I need them and my friends Sarah and Alan have been my rock, Thanks guys! You mean so much to me, luv ya!


Anyway, first day back at school for the boys and missing them already.


Till next time


Tanya Leigh


Comments on: "Scrapping again" (2)

  1. Great to hear that you are finding a happy place again – and yeah to scrapping again.
    Missed not seeing your work around 🙂

  2. That’s so great to hear, Tanya. I’m looking forward to seeing more layouts from you now that you’ve got your mojo back. Really glad you liked my kit, I think they are good value for money and best of all they are great if you haven’t got a lot of new layout ideas or inspiration – we all feel like that sometimes!

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