A long over due update

I have tried to update my blog many times since my last post on the 5 December 2009 but couldn’t face it.  A lot has happened in my life since November 2009 and life is still really hard and I was hoping to face 2010 with a smile but that hasn’t been the case. 

I haven’t really been ready to face to world (on here) with what has happened and I’m not sure if I ever will but you never know. When I’m ready to face what has happened and I can move on I might be ready to share.  I know some of you have asked if everything is ok and you are all worried about me and I thank you for your kind thoughts, it means alot.  Just know that I am not sick.  I’ve been told that time is a great healer. I’m holding onto that thought.

So I’m thinking that my blog is a great diary and even if no one reads it it’s great to write somewhere.  I haven’t scrapped since November and every time I tried I couldn’t do it. Maybe one day soon I will get back to it but for now I am putting my time into other things.  Just before Christmas I started making jewellery which has kept me busy with orders. I am spending time with the boys and Jarrod is back this season playing rugby and Leigh has started also for the first time this year.

Noah is Noah and still loving preschool. He is a wee gem.

On the 26th Jan I flew up to Auckland and then through to Whangarei to meet my cousin and attend her wedding. Michelle picked me up from the airport and it was so cool to meet her. The last time we saw each other was around  30 years ago. Also go to meet her brother Jason, also my cousin.  It was such an awesome week away.  It was so hot up there I got sunburned and I hate the heat. The beach at Taupo Bay where Michelle got married was just beautiful. Spent alot of time on the beach.

I also got to me the lovely Ruth and her son Jaymin and I stayed with them the first night up there.  Ruth, your a star and thanks for looking after me and running me all over the show. It was so cool to meet you finally and thanks for everything.  🙂

I am also into Shabby Chic at the moment and I have a few wee things on the go. Painting a coffee table, frames, a step stall and a mini wooden ladder. 

A few photos from my cousins wedding….

My cousin Jason and me on the dance floor. Was so funny as Jason sooooo doesn’t dance but I got him up there…lol

And this photo was taken just before we said goodbye to each other. And yes I cried….LOL!!!

Thanks for a great week Michelle, Baz, Ruth and everyone I met while up in Whangarei, you all made me feel so welcome and it truly means alot.  It was a real eye opener staying at the beach with you all…you know what I mean Michelle….just lets say it was good to shower in my own shower……ROFLMAO!!!!!!

I also got to catch up with my aunty and uncle. Stayed with them on the Sunday and most of Monday. It was great to see you Sharon and Errol and thanks for having me to stay.


Well, I’m signing off now and heading to bed.  Today has been a better day but am soooo tired.


Tanya Leigh


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  1. Big big hugs and welcome back hun! I too had been worried about you and if you ever need to chat you know where I am.

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