Getting better!

Well after another visit to the doctors and new antibiotics I am heaps better. Still have my asthma but I’m guessing that won’t go till I am 100% better.

I felt like scrapping last night so I did 2 layouts.  1 layout I scrapped in a colour I don’t like and it’s for White with 1. Once I have a photo of it and I send it to Susan I will share here.  The other is using one on Neen’s very cool kits.

It’s the Little Things

Don’t forget to check out Neen’s kit blog.


And I have some winners from the last post. 








You are all getting something in the post, please email me at

with your address details and I will send them off to you. 

I still have some mags and photo’s vouchers left so leave me a comment and you could win. 


The week before the holidays I had my hair coloured and Neil told some photo’s of me today. The only nice one’s were with Noah.




Well, enough for tonight.


Till next time



Tanya Leigh


Comments on: "Getting better!" (4)

  1. Can’t wait to see what you have done with Neen’s great kits, I have some sitting here and need some inspriation for them 🙂 Lovely photos of you and Noah, he has grown up so fast!

  2. Glad you are feeling much better. I’ve send you an email!
    Thanks for winning.

  3. Oh, cool, thanks Tanya…….. off to email you now.

  4. Gosh, I”m naughty, I didn’t let you know my mail got here….. thanks so much, and yes, I did manage to make it to HN in time, luckily I go to Hamilton once a week. Thanks again.

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