I am back to the doctor this afternoon as I am no better.  I am on antibiotics which doesn’t agree with me. Makes my chest tight and a few other side affects.  Not flash!

Still can’t do alot due to my asthma and even going up the stairs takes it out of me.  This is being going on now for nearly 2 weeks, I just wish is would GO AWAY!!!! I have things to do…LOL!!!


Anyway on a happy note….

Some of the sponsors from Mt Hutt Retreat were vouchers for 6×4 photos from Harvey Norman and Norman Ross and I have some left.  So if anyone leaves me a comment I will put them in the draw to win photo vouchers.  I have more Norman Ross vouchers than Harvey Norman.

And also I have some Scrapbooking Innovation Mag #2 left so also leave me a comment and you could also win a copy of that. 


Well better go and take it easy, till next time




Tanya Leigh


Comments on: "Still sick and giveaways!" (6)

  1. Dear Tanya,

    Hope you are feeling a bit (or better still – a lot) better now!

    If you have a Norman Ross photo voucher that still needs a home I will happily provide it with 3 meals a day and some where warm to bunk down…if you know what I mean…!

    Luv Debs

  2. Hi Tanya,
    Awe…. hope the meds kick in soon and that you will be on your feet again.
    Don’t think the photo vouchers are for the international girlies but I would like to have a go at the magazine!
    Ohhh me and my mags… I have a back full waiting to go on vacation!
    Take care girl, hope you feel better soon.

  3. hey, sorry to hear your feeling sick, winter is certainly dragging on with the bugs… roll on summer and lots of good health 🙂

  4. no fun being sich Tanya. hope you are feeling better soon…and those antibugs kick in.
    if you still have some harvey norman vouchers going spare i’d happily give them a home. HAve never tried them and could be a good chance to do so!

  5. I’ve been hearing about this great retreat, it’s a shame I wasn’t down there (just came home from 3 weeks travelling in south Island) at the right time.

    Hope you are feeling better now.

  6. Oh Photo vouchers would be perfect, Miss 14 who scraps decided to tell me last night that she has almost run out of photos, but doesn’t want to spend money as we are attending a 2 day scrappy event in Sept. A voucher would be perfect for hers and my pocket

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