I am sorry I haven’t answered the emails that you guys have sent as the last week I have been in bed with the flu and still not right.

I have been at the doctors twice this week and while there I had to wear a mask along with everyone else that was there.  It sure is scary to see the doctors like that, saw first hand what the hospital was like last night.  I have had fevers, the cough, runny nose, body aches, sore ribs from coughing, chills, headaches and because of all this my asthma is playing up.  The doctor gave me Respigen and some pills to help me breath. The last week has been hell.  I ended up at the hospital for 6 hours last night with not being able to breath. I am taking around 11 pills a day to make me feel like some sort of normal.  

Just trying to keep from the boys getting the flu as it isn’t nice and the doctor said he doesn’t want to boys to get it. 

The doctor did say there are two types of flu’s going around at the moment but they aren’t testing as it cost to much money.  GREAT!!!!!


Anyway, I’m heading back to bed now to keep warm.  Be back when I’m normal….LOL!!!



Tanya Leigh




Comments on: "Sick,Quarantined and A & E!" (4)

  1. hope you get better quickly Tanya!

  2. Take care girl, stay in bed with your favorite magazines and books around you. Eat lots of chicken soup!
    Thinking of you,

  3. stefanie said:

    Hope you will feel better soon,

  4. Hope your up and about soon then Tanya.

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