Happy Birthday Neil

 Thursday 2nd July was Neil’s birthday. He turned 37 but for what ever reason he thought he was turning 38.  LOL!!!!!

Neil always has his birthday off work and the day started out great, Neil wanted pancakes so made them for the 3 of us. Jarrod, Leigh and Noah gave Neil a card each and I gave him a card also.  He got money from his parents and when he has some sort of idea what he wants I will go and get it.  Neil is hard to buy for and he always says he doesn’t want anything.  He is so not like me….ROFL!!!

After dropping Noah at kindy in the afternoon Neil and I went to Tony’s Japanese restaurant.  They cooked our lunch in front of us, which was very cool.


Neil had a great day for his 37th Birthday.


Happy Birthday Babe!




Tanya Leigh


Comments on: "Happy Birthday Neil" (5)

  1. not many think they are older than they actually are 🙂

  2. scrapmickey said:

    Such a young man…. congrats Neil!

  3. Happy birthday Neil – ummm don’t you know your meant to take years off your age, not add them lol!

  4. mummymoo said:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEIL – and dinner looks yummy!!! and pancakes for breakfast WOW 🙂 🙂

  5. Oh to be 37 again! What a bonus realising you are a year younger than you actually thought!! I also LOVE Japanese – so glad to hear you had a wonderful day & hope you are beating this nasty flu bug & will soon be well enough to upload my layout onto LSOS ;-D

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