Catch up

WOW!!! Doesn’t time fly when your having fun. I haven’t posted since my birthday, how sad is that. 

I have been busy getting things sorted for the Mt Hutt Retreat which is 19th, 20th and 21st June.  Not long now and I know I’m looking forward to the break away. We are having all the sponsorship goodies arriving and the last of it arrives next Thursday just in time….Well I’m hoping it arrives Thursday…LOL!!!!

We have 11 sponsors for this retreat and we have some awesome prizes. Check out the retreat blog and see who the sponsors are.  Haven’t been doing alot of scrapping as haven’t had the time but lets hope I can get some done at the retreat. 

Neil is away in Wellington this week for work so not alot of work being done, just keeping the kids happy and the house in order is enough I think. My car went and had 4 new tyres today and is in the garage for a few things done to it and a WOF and Noah and I even washed it today.  Looks like a new car…LOL!!

Jarrod’s been playing rugby this season and he is doing really well. He is playing in the U13’s and he is having a awesome time.  Training 2 times a week and last Saturday Jarrod scored his first try and got back of the day.  He was over the moon and still is and can’t stop talking about it.  I told him if he scored a try on my weekend I would give him $10 and the first thing he said to me was ‘pay up mother’….I mean how rude….LOL!!! I am soooo proud of him.

This photo was from a few weeks back on a nice day…


Jarrod is the one by the line just about getting the ball.


Well must go, lots to do.



Tanya Leigh


Comments on: "Catch up" (3)

  1. Ha ha, I know what you mean about the car – I never wash my car (isn’t that why I got married – to have a live in car washer LOL!) and I always get a bit of a shock when Lyall cleans it – it does look like a new car!

  2. laughed about the new car after a cleaning. Not flash on the bank account though with four new tyres.

    Have fun at scrap camp!

  3. Well done, Jarrod! So are you offering $10 per try every time? If so, you better start saving! I’m sure now he’s had the taste of glory, he’ll be scoring tries every week 😉

    Have a great time at scrap camp!

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