It’s been awhile since I posted on here but just really needed some time after everything that has happened.  Life sure is hard to deal with sometimes but everyday is better than the last. The boys are doing great, talking alot about their grandad and wanting to spend more time with their dad.  I was wanting to change alot of things within myself and I have, things that most people won’t see but things have changed for the better. 

I have been working a few days at K&K Fashions and a couple of weeks ago we had a VIP night for our customers and I am a model for the night.  It was alot of fun last year when I did it so said yes to this years one.   I wasn’t sure on some of the clothes that I had to wear but I did a try on and they were fine.

Jarrod is playing rugby this season and his first game was last Saturday. He is so happy and just can’t stop talking about it.  A couple of weeks ago we won tickets to the Crusaders vs Stormers game.  As we won 2 tickets we brought 2 more and Neil and I took Jarrod and Leigh.  Jarrod and Neil sat in a different part of the stadium to Leigh and I but we still had a great night.  It wasn’t a great game but Crusaders won, so that’s all the matters, right?  LOL!!! Leigh and I were right at the top of the stand which were great seats. 



Jarrod and Leigh waited around to get this photo with the player of the game.



Last week we had a crop at home and we all got to meet Yvette and little Isaac.  Noah and Isaac got on really well and played together nicely.  You wouldn’t even know they were here.



Aren’t they cute!

The day was great, there were 8 of us scrapping away but the day went so fast and it was home time before we knew it.  I am catching up with Yvette again before she heads home after the holidays. 

I have a lot to update but this post could go on forever so will update again soon.


Hope you are all having a great Easter and enjoying the time off. 



Till next time, happy scrapping


Tanya Leigh


Comments on: "Update!" (2)

  1. scrapmickey said:

    Happy Easter to you too! What a cute guys in your photo’s! Glad you all are doing better. Sounds like the crop was so much fun. Show us what you’ve produced, love to see.

  2. Glad things are looking and feeling better. You’ve clearly had a really tough time.

    Vanessa xx

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