RIP Bruce!

Today was my ex FIL’s funeral and today we all said goodbye to a wonderful man.  Jarrod and Leigh were a huge part of today as were the other 9 of Bruce’s grand kids.  I was so proud of the boys for what they did today for their grandad and also for Nana Val. There were lots of sad moments today but some that were happy ones remembering Bruce and some of the funny things he did through out his life.  I cried as soon as I saw Jarrod and Leigh and went through a pack of tissues. Bruce was a huge part of my life since I was 18 and he will be dearly missed in our house. 

Today was also hard to see Phil’s brother and sisters after so many years and to see them on a sad note. All 11 of Bruce’s grand kids got up and a few of them said a reading and a couple wrote messages to Bruce and read them out.  The youngest said at the end of her message…

“I love you Grandad, will talk to you in my thought’s”

This made me cry more. I remember the moments I spent with him over the years and they were happy ones, the time he had for all his grand kids was amazing.  One very special man!



RIP Bruce

We love you!


Comments on: "RIP Bruce!" (3)

  1. Oh Tanya big hugs my friend.

  2. Don’t know what to say – will ring you later.

  3. Big Hugs to you Tanya and your boys at this sad time.

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