Sad news!

Well we have had lots of sad news come our way over the last week and today we had more.  I so can’t believe it really, everything is happening at once and it’s hard to deal with. 

Thursday Neil went to a funeral. One of the ladies at his work, her husband died after a race at the speedway. Friday Phil’s (ex husband) Dad died, Neil’s Mum had a accident in her car, a friends daughter is in hopsital, very ill and today I found out that the lady that has been like a mum to me over the years her mother died last week. 

I really think we have had enough bad/sad news for a life time.

Everything that has happened makes you think of your own life and how lucky we are.  My parents and I haven’t spoken for about 6 years but with all the goings on in the last week it has made me think of them and really why don’t we talk.  There is alot of history there and some things can’t be forgotten but I’m thinking it’s about time to put it behind us and move on.  I can’t have them in my life the way it used to be as it’s so stressfull. I’m not asking for a full on mother/daughter relationship but something where we can at least talk nicely to each other.  Forget what happened in the past and move on. Life is so short!

It is going to be hard for me to contact them as they have hurt me over the years in ways that parents shouldn’t hurt their children but I am going to try.  They didn’t have much to do with Jarrod and Leigh when they were little and they don’t know Noah at all. 




Tanya Leigh



Comments on: "Sad news!" (4)

  1. Sorry to hear you have had such a rough week… it’s awful when it all happens together. I hope things go how you hope with your family reconcilation…I’m sure in the long run you will be happy you made the effort to put your hurts to bed. It is sad when our parents don’t live up to our expectations and behave how we had hoped.

  2. Hugs sweetie – tough times going on.
    Hope it goes well with your parents – thinking bout you.

  3. What a sad week it must have been for you, I am truly sorry to hear about all that loss. You are right, life is too short and we need to spend time with the ones who mean the most to us. I do hope you are able to reconcile with your parents and perhaps make up for lost time, although I’m sure it won’t be easy. Big ((hugs)) to you!

  4. Good luck with the move to contact your parents – I hope it’s all and more than you want it to be.

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