WOW! I didn’t know it had been 10 days since I last posted.  I have been so busy and yesterday we had some sad news.  The boys are asleep so I thought I would up date my blog.  

The sad news is my ex FIL isn’t well and not doing that great and the boys and I aren’t coping so well. We haven’t heard from my ex so no news is good news, right?  It is so very sad!  Today wasn’t a great day so Noah and I sat in front of the fire watching DVD’s.

In better news……. I have been scrapping away doing layouts for my ABC Album that we are doing on the forum.  February’s letters were D and I and here are my layouts…I am doing my album in black, cream and pink.

D is for Dreams



I is for In case of



Some of my layouts were from a BOM (book of me) I started last year but never finished it so I have changed it to fit into the ABC Album. 

Also on the forum Jessica started a mini album swap. We had to make a mini album with 5 pages and then send it on it’s way. My went all the way to Jessica in the USA. This is my album….


I used my bind it all to put together with different pages of acrylic and chipboard. I really liked how it turned out. 

I got my mini album from Monique all the way from The Netherlands. I love it and have plans to add photos to it this weekend.





Thank you Monique, it’s beautiful!


Better go, update more later but before I go I have to share. This morning Noah was upstairs playing and when he came down I could smell something on him (which was my hair product) so went upstairs to clean up his mess and this is what I found…..



This is baby powder from when Noah was a baby. It was in my draw and he found it and thought he would use it like shake and vac. Our room smells beautiful! 🙂




Tanya Leigh


Comments on: "Update!" (3)

  1. Love the footprints in the talc – busted!!! ROFL

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your ex-FIL, I will keep him in my prayers.
    The layouts are fantastic, great to have a few more done for the BOM!

    LOL at Noah “helping” to shake & vac … I bet that took a bit of work to get out of the carpet! 😀

  3. Boys will be boys, good luck with the cleaning! lol!
    Love the layouts and the mini albums,


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