New Blog name!

I am looking at changing the name of my blog from Seven’s enough and have been stressing over it so thought I could ask you all for some idea’s. 

I want PINK in the title somewhere….LOL!!!! but just not 100% sure on what I want. 

So I am leaving up to you guys for some idea’s.  Leave me a comment with your idea’s and the one I choose will


a prize from me.


This in fact is what you will get….






So leave me a comment and let me know your idea’s!




Tanya Leigh


Comments on: "New Blog name!" (12)

  1. Hey, here are just a few i came up with.

    “think pink” -cause we do think of pink when we think of you
    “tickled pink”
    “mainly pink”

    good luck with your search

  2. Hi Tanya, what a great idea!
    the pinkest lady,
    the pink way to go,
    scrappin’ in the pink


  3. OK along the same lines as your present title
    “six blue one pink”
    “1/7 pink”
    “pink escape”
    “she dreams in colours, she dreams in pink” (you know like that song – LOL – just changed the word to pink instead of red)
    Good luck with choosing a new title 🙂

  4. Life in the pink.
    Pink possibilities.
    Creating in the pink.
    Pink creations.
    Shades of Pink
    Life through pink coloured glasses.
    Impossibly pink.

    Have fun choosing!

  5. How creative and imaginative you all are!!!
    I’ll have a go too:

    – living on a pink cloud;
    – my pink coloured blog;
    – me, myself and pink;
    – my pink family life;

    I’ll think about it a bit more…..

  6. – shades of pink;
    – we are in the pink;
    – pretty in pink;

  7. Pink panther
    Pink Princess
    The Pink Files

    I don’t know 🙂

  8. They are all great suggestions! Good luck Tanya in picking just one!

  9. Hi Tanya, I will add another suggestion:

    P I N K P A G E S
    (live, love, scrapbook!)

    good luck with your blog!

  10. Michele Moore said:

    1. pink&theboys
    2. alwayspink
    3. pinkalicoustanya

  11. scrapink journey ?

    pink tales

    pink haze (not to be confused with purple haze LOL)

    Dunno, love the other ideas tho – what a cool idea!!

  12. Wow, you sure have some ideas there & no time to rack my brain right now. Just wanted to say HI and have finally found your blog at last. Was wondering if you had your own one too, aswell as LSOS so have added you to my Google Reader. What does the Seven’s Enough mean? It obviously has significance to you. Let’s hope it doesn’t mean you have 7 kids, lol!

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