Long over due catch up

I am been having a stressful last couple of weeks with the kids as they are so ready to go back to school, more like I am ready for them to return to school. LOL!!!! I love the school holidays but by the end of it i’m over it.  Noah goes back to kindy on Monday and the boys back to school on Monday week. Monday while Noah is at Kindy Jarrod, Leigh and I are having some time together so looking forward to that.  Noah has been a little handful at the moment and driving us all up the wall. 

Neil and I have been doing the little jobs around the house that needed doing but never seemed to get done. Couple of weeks ago we water blasted the back fence and back path, so needed doing before winter sets in again.  Then last weekend I water blasted the deck that covers one side of the house.  It’s good to finally get it done.

We had a BBQ dinner with friends last weekend and had a swim in their pool.  The kids had a swim before dinner and then after and didn’t get out till 1opm.  We all had a coffee and watched the sun set. 





It was so nice sitting on the deck of their house watching the sun set. They get that everyday. Wouldn’t that be great?


On Sunday afternoon we had some really bad weather but didn’t last long.  We had a heap of rain in a very short time and we had another flood in our garage and driveway.  We had 8cm of water sitting in one part of the driveway. The water comes in of the road so we have been on the phone to the council. 



 Then a couple of days later on a very hot day the boys wanted to wash my car to get some pocket money. 



After they washed my car (they did a great job) they have a water fight.  I had to laugh as Noah was trying to get the hose and wet the boys.  LOL!!! It was funny to watch. 

Who remembers getting pocket money for doing jobs around the house?  It brings back so many memories (some good and some not so good). I was primary school aged and my sister and I had a list a mile long but we got $10 a week for it all.  Jarrod has a cell phone to keep up with so doing jobs around the house won’t hurt him and will teach him things don’t come free. 

On the scrappy front I have been sorting classes, an online class (which is just about sorted.  Trying to get some of my 25 days of Christmas album done. Ali Edwards was doing this in December but I never got it finished with all the other things happening in December around here.  It’s nice to sit and do it in my own time. 

Also am resorting my BOM that I started last year to a 

All about me from A-Z album

that is happening over on the forum. Check it out as there will be a prize draw everymonth for all layouts that go into the gallery. Some one has to win a prize!

I also managed to do a layout for Scrap the Boys


 Check it out as there are some very cool layouts up over there. 


Well this is a huge post. Will teach me for leaving it so long.  More later.

Have a great weekend guys!



Tanya Leigh


Comments on: "Long over due catch up" (6)

  1. There are so many kids and parents out there who are ready for school and kindy to start again…Luckly for us David’s Daycare doesn’t close…Sounds like a lovely weekend and I hope you have another great weekend this weekend!

  2. Well, not long to go before the boys are all out of your hair 😉
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. OMG look at all that water – hope it gets sorted before winter. I have 3 more sleeps until Aaron starts back but who’s counting!!! LOL

  4. love the details on your project!

  5. Love your layout! Looks like your kids are having heaps of fun during their school holiday!! But I know what you mean when you say you’re ready for them to go back to school! (I even have that feeling at the end of the weekend! LOL!!)

  6. Great car washing boys.Tanya you have just reminded me that I was planning to do our car today.But it was hot and windy.

    And I spy a pink bucket.LOL

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