2008 – 2009

Well 2008 is over and looking back on 2008 we have had some up’s and down’s during the last year. Neil, the boys and myself.

But the down’s have made us stronger as a family and for me personally I have had a few more but that’s ok as I am moving on from those things and thinking ahead and what I want for me and my family, not what others think of me and what I’m doing.  

2008 also brought happy times for me, being published in Up2Scrap for the second time and just last week in the Basic Grey gallery. My online scrapbooking business Stampin’ Scrap was launched with a forum,gallery and chatroom.  And also Little Shop of Sketches. Alot of awesome feedback from everyone about both Stampin’ Scrap and Little Shop of Sketches which is great and also Stampin’ Scrap having it’s very first scrapbooking retreat.  Little Shop of Sketches has gone international with lots of international members, which is awesome. Nice to know my sketches are helping people with their scrapbooking. I have also meet some awesome people in 2008 through scrapbooking which is great.

 We had a great Christmas with the boys. It started Christmas eve with our Christmas dinner and the boys got to open one present each.




We spent the night together having dinner and just hanging out together. Christmas Day started around 8.30am when I finally got up…ROFL!!! and the boys wanted their presents.


Noah got more Thomas trains and track for Christmas and by this photo I think he was happy with what he got….don’t you? LOL!!

After Noah opened all his presents which were all Thomas trains and track his last present was some clothes.  He opened them….


looked at them, stood up and said

‘Oh, just shorts’

and gave them a kick and went off and played with his trains…..ROFLMAO!!! It was so funny and we were all laughing about it for ages.  Something we will never forget and tell him at his 21st. 

Daniel, Cameron, Jarrod, Leigh and Noah were all happy with their presents from us and Santa.  I asked Santa for PINK things this year and my stocking had PINK things in it.  LOL!! Can of PINK hairspray, PINK roll on, voucher for Farmers which is PINK/PURPLE,  PINK diary, PINK Soap. The hairspray and roll on weren’t pink, just the can.  Neil brought me this for Christmas, which is bliss. I love it!



Thanks to my friends who brought me Christmas presents, love them and have yet to spend the vouchers. Thanks guys!

We had a BBQ brunch with the boys on Christmas day and then at 2pm Daniel and Cameron went home and Jarrod and Leigh went to their Dad’s for 3 days.  Neil, Noah and I were on our own for that time which was nice but missed the boys.


2009 started out great with awesome weather. We have had a few trips to the beach. Trips out shopping for the boys to spend their Christmas money. I still have to do that….LOL!!!  Neil is back at work today and the boys and I are just hanging around at home today.


This has turned out to be a very long post so will go and do some work before dinner.  Thanks to everyone who left me a comment about being published in Basic Grey Gallery, pretty exciting!



Comments on: "2008 – 2009" (5)

  1. Now you’ve gotta love a foot spa … I don’t think that mine has surfaced since we moved house, but I know I’ve got one somewhere – lol.

    Great pics of the boys and I’m sure that we are going to see something creative at some stage.

    Happy New Year to you and Neil and the boys.

  2. Looks like you all had a great Christmas. Had to laugh at Noah’s comment about the shorts … Tyler did a similar thing – he was given a Lightning McQueen towel by his Aunty (along with other cool stuff) and when we went for a swim on Christmas Day afternoon, she asked him if he liked his new towel. He said, “not really, it’s just a towel”. ROFL!
    Happy New Year to you, Neil & all the boys, I hope 2009 is a great year for you!

  3. Sounds like you’ve had a good Xmas and start to the new year. Glad to hear you’re feeling energised and ready to go for 2009.

  4. Love the look on Noah’s face with his Thomas stuff. They can’t have been Thomas shorts then LOL ! That was good of santa to get you lots of pink stuff, next year you could ask for lots of diamond colours ROFL!

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! Love those photos and that story about Noah and what he did to his shorts …. could have been one of my boys! (didn’t realize you have FIVE boys!! must be hectic in your household sometimes!!). And congrats on being published!

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