Neil’s Christmas

Neil come home on Friday night with his Christmas present from work. He came inside and asked if I could help him get it out of the car…. 🙂

The 3 tech’s at his work all got a Toshiba 42″ flat screen TV.






They aren’t great photos, sorry! I had to take the photos fast as Neil was in a little hurry to open the box..ROFLMAO!!! The boys think it’s great to play the playstation on widescreen. It does look very cool. Not to sure if we are going to put it on the wall or what but I’m sure Neil will tell me what he wants. 🙂 He has worked so hard this year and this really shows what BDL really think of their workers. 



Comments on: "Neil’s Christmas" (5)

  1. Andrew wants to know how much you want for it? ROFL. And…are there any jobs going at his work?

  2. That is one cool christmas present from work! lucky Neil!

  3. OMG Mike will just die when I tell him!
    You guys have an AWESOME christmas!

  4. Wowser … some Christmas present … enjoy playing with the playstation on Neil’s new toy!!!

  5. Whao that is freakin awesome!!!!! hee hee about not getting enough time to get photos LOL Boys they never grow up huh they just get older 🙂

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