Whoo Hoot Wednesday!

I started this yesterday but didn’t finish it so am doing it now.


My Whoo Hoots for this Wednesday are….



1. Have started a new blog for the ‘Kids Make Stuff’ Holiday programme.  All info re the classes with be added there.  Check it out!

2. Have been Christmas shopping this week and managed to get most of it done, just a few little things to go. 

3. My Stampin’ Up order arrived yesterday, very exciting to have this


Thanks Keryn for my order!

4.  Monday I went along to watch the year 3 and 4 wearable arts that Leigh’s class was involved in at school. Was very cool some of the things the kids came up with using recycled things from home.



5. Jarrod and Leigh came home with their reports this week. I am very proud of my boys, very proud! Jarrod has had a awesome year and has done well with having 3 different teachers through the year.  Leigh has done well to and was a little upset today. He just loves his teacher this year and was sad to say bye.  And all the kids in his class were pretty cool to.  But he has his 2 best mates in his class next year so he is happy.

6. A friend and I went to the Christmas Grotto on Tuesday morning with Claudia and Noah.  Noah thought it was pretty cool.  I took photos but my camera ran out of batteries after 4 photos.






There was a part of it with Noah’s Ark which was so cool but of course my batteries died before getting to it. Bummer!

7. I have made 2 of these for vouchers we are sending people for Christmas and got the idea from Chic n’ Scratch This women is one clever lady and love all her video’s she does. Thanks Angie for all the inspiration. I made mind from shapes from the cricut and a template for the cover.







Well, that is all the Whoo Hoots for this week.

We have had a few not so flash things happen this week to with a trip to the A&E with Jarrod and a ring to the poison centre for Noah. 

On Tuesday night Jarrod, Leigh and Sho (student) were playing rugby in the lounge (the boys know they are not allowedto play rugby in the lounge, but didn’t stop them) BOYS!!! and Jarrod fell over and hit his head on the corner of the coffee table and there was blood everywhere. So I raced into A&E and after 2 hours sitting there they had to glue Jarrod’s head together. The nurse told us not to get it wet for 3 days.  Jarrod was soooo upset as today (being the last day of school) year 5 -8 were going swimming and Jarrod couldn’t go.  Jarrod had a really bad headache so finished school for 08 on Tuesday.  He is doing ok but still has a headache.  ‘

And onto Noah.  Yesterday Noah took the dishwasing liquid from the cupboard and tipped it on the driveway and on his hands then not to sure what he did but it ended up in his month and swallowed some.  We aren’t sure if he drunk some or just licked it from his heads.  So I was running around trying to find the phone to ring the poison centre. Noah so wasn’t himself. They told me to get him a 1/4 cup of water and to wait an hour or he would start to foam on the inside.  OMG!! you are bloody kidding me. He was fine after being sick. 

A wee note: The green dishwashing liguid isn’t that bad so I have been told. 

I had my fingers crossed Leigh didn’t do something to himself today. He is fine!


Well better go, till next time



Comments on: "Whoo Hoot Wednesday!" (5)

  1. Gosh that really was the good and the bad, poor you and poor kids. Always lovley to get scrapping products – I too had an order arrive from Keryn…The grotto looked like lots of fun.

  2. phew at the boys being okay and on the mend how scary. I am looking forward to my punch arriving soon, I also got the sqaure scalloped punch as well. That Christmas grotto looked like a lot of fun.

  3. Well that was an eventful end to the school year for you all. Love your wee gift voucher card – she sure does have some great ideas.

  4. Wow, that all sounds a bit scary with the trip to A&E and the dishwashing liquid! I never thought about the foaming on the inside thing, but I guess adding water really would do that! I’m glad that both Jarrod & Noah are okay now. Fingers crossed there are no more “incidents” at your place!

    I hope you have a lovely Christmas, Tanya.

  5. Wow that’s a pretty eventful build-up to XMAS … shame about Jarrodmissing out on his end of year trip … might teach him to listen to his mother better tho!!LOL

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