I missed doing this yesterday but here it is today…LOL!!!

Whoo Hoot Wednesday



1. Jarrod went on camp yesterday morning. He was up and dressed before me. Was keen to go. He had to be at the train station by 7.25am. They are at Arthurs Pass.  Hope the weather there is DRY!!!LOL

2. Noah is doing great and kindy and loves it.  His first day he ended up with a ice pack on his head. Noah and a wee girl run into each other and Noah ended up on the ground.  He is fine!’

3.  Sho our student is doing great and is speaking English really well.  He is off to Mt Cook on Friday and returns on Saturday night. 

4. Catching up with Vicki today for a coffee at Westfields (without kids) YAhoo!!!

5. Been busy making Xmas things for other people and just about finished to move onto my own things.  Fingers crossed I get time to do my own.


Well that’s about it from me today, have a few things to sort before I take Noah to kindy. Have a great week everyone!



Comments on: "Whoo Hoot Wednesday on Thursday" (3)

  1. Nice to catch up today without kids. Glad that Noah is enjoying kindy – what will you do with all your time now?

  2. great list… aww poor Noah though at least he is allright and ice is such a wonderful medication for all small children.

  3. Wow Mitchell just had camp week before last and I thought that was late … but yesterday!! schools sure do cram stuff in…!!

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