Last night we had Sushi for dinner and then mud cake (birthday cake).  Noah loves Sushi and CAKE!  so what a great thing to have for his birthday. 





Isn’t this just the best photo?

And I’m not sure who was having the most fun in this next photo….LOL!!!


There are 3 trains that take batteries and Noah, Neil and Cameron were having races to see what train was the fastest.  MEN!!! LOL!! Was funny watching. 

Anyway, I’m outta here. Lots on today, I’m having the Design, Create and Shop day this afternoon and our Christmas BBQ with all our friends.  Have a great weekend everyone!




Comments on: "More photos from Noahs birthday" (4)

  1. He needs more track!!! LOL.

  2. Happy Birthday Noah…..he looks so tired in that first photo Tanya. Looks likeall the males are happy with the trains

  3. Boys and anything with wheels…LOL Yep, the blowing out the candles photo sure is a winner, but gotta love the first photo!

  4. Yummo sushi and mud cake – my kind of birthday food lol. Love the candle blowing pic

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