Remember when….

we took these photos..




and we did a video and put it on my blog in April this year.  Well I have so wanted to scrap these photos for a while now and I have…..


Scrapper in training!


I wanted to add the strip of paper Noah scrapped as well so here it is.  My wee scapper! Off to scrap some more before heading out to work tonight. 


Have a great weekend everyone!



Comments on: "Remember when…." (4)

  1. glad to see you’re finding more time to scrap. The picks of Noah are very cute – glad to see you are teaching him about the important things in life!!LOL

  2. Did he take the photo of his creations ‘cos he sure knows how to do that! LOL. Go Noah. I see you are branching out with paint/bubble wrap and OMG you have used that punch as well! ROFL

  3. start em young lol. loving the layout Tanya Leigh

  4. I remember those photos I do, I love the layout and cool punch I have been eyeing that one up and it is cool it see it used IRL!!! To cute, now to train moo LOL at least he likes looking at my albums and pointing to us all.

    YAY you got some time to scrap and yay for going to work, you have a cool weekend to okay xoxox

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