Whoo Hoot Wednesday!

Ok, I thought I would get back into doing this on a Wednesday and try every Wednesday. I have been so busy but this is one thing I like to do and have missed the last few weeks. 


So here are my Whoo Hoots for this week…

1. Had my hair cut last week and it coloured today.  Noah also got his hair cut. 

2. Was able to get some scrapping done last weekend at the retreat.

3. Come home from the retreat to a very clean and tidy house, thanks Neil! LOL!!

4. Have been having some down time with Noah since coming home from the retreat. It’s been great spending time with him.

5. Noah and I had a nana nap yesterday afternoon….LOL!!!

6. Sorting stuff for the school fair which is on the 29th November.


Nothing exciting I know but have been tired. Coming right again now which is good as have heaps to do. 


Have a great week everyone…:)




Comments on: "Whoo Hoot Wednesday!" (2)

  1. I’m not suprised your tired…raising a family is exhausting enough, without all the other things you do.

  2. great list and I am pleased to see you having some nana naps to catch up on some much needed sleep.

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