Time for a catch up

I haven’t been around much due to being busy with the business and sorting the retreat but now I have a little time I thought I would update my blog. 


Labour weekend we had a full house with Neil’s parents here. I had to work but that gave Neil some time with his Mum and Dad and the kids.  We had 10 in the house. Lots of people to feed and the washing…LOL!! Was so nice to catch up with Harry and Val again.  Hope to see you again soon guys!  Harry and Val brought Noah a bike which he just loves.


Noah loves it and loves to carry all his toys/books in the back of it.  Now Noah can ride his bike with the boys rather than use my washing trolley…LOL!!!

We have a few part time students coming over the next few months from different parts of the world which will be exciting for us all. It’s great having Nin here and learning all about Thailand and his family and life.  Nin heads home back to Thailand on 2nd Dec for Christmas so will be weird not having him around but he will return next year. 

Stampin’ Scrap Retreat was last weekend and it was a huge hit with everyone.  Someone told me I looked tired but was feeling ok until I saw a photo of me.  My eyes are so red and look very tired.  But the last few days I have been on a go slow and don’t feel like doing anything.  I need sleep! I was on the go the whole weekend but did manage to get some scrapping done.  Not alot but some….so here they are




I still need to do the journalling on these but they are done and I have done another one for Little Shop of Sketches which will go up tomorrow and another I still need to finish. Other photos from the weekend are on the retreat blog, check them out here.

Lots of prizes were given out at the retreat, so many many thanks goes out to all the sponsors


Jan Craft

Scrapbook Art

Stampin’ Scrap

Stampin’ Up – Keryn Campbell


Paper Pesto

Scrap Box NZ



And we had another sponsor which was only picked up on Thursday and didn’t get time to add to the blog which was Craft Co.  Many thanks guys, we couldn’t have done it with out your support.  Also thanks to those who helped out over the weekend, it was a huge help. And to those friends who helped me with retreat stuff before the retreat.  🙂

Well this has turned out to be a very long post but before I go I am doing some fundraising for Jarrod to go off to year 6 camp to Arthur’s Pass.   All tickets are $1 each and you could win a voucher for $100 to the Stampin’ Scrap Shoppe.  Check out the forum to see what numbers are left and you can email me or if you are a member of the forum you can PM me.  All details will be emailed back for banking the money.


Thanks so much for the support and good luck! 🙂




Comments on: "Time for a catch up" (3)

  1. I am not surprised someone said you looked tired, I dare say you have been running on adrenalin for the last month gettting things organized and sorted. The retreat went well from blogs I have read. Enjoy slowing down a bit.

  2. Heehee – perhaps I should put up the photo I have of you!!! ROFL. The sponsors for the Retreat really outdid themselves and big thanks from me too.

  3. Sounds like you have been very busy indeed, hopefully things will settle down for you a bit before the Christmas rush starts. 🙂 International students sound like an interesting thing to do, i’m sure they enjoy learning about life in NZ.

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