Back to School!

Well the boys are back at school and it was nice to walk them to school this morning and say bye for the day. It was so nice to be back to normal and just Noah and I for the day.  Leigh left this morning and heading for school with his bags packed as he was going on camp to Living Springs.  It is weird not having him here but I know he is ok. He was so looking forward to going and spending time away with his mates.  He wouldn’t give me a kiss goodbye this morning in front of his friends and teacher, can’t understand why……ROFL!!! 🙂

Noah and I had a great day just the two of us but come 3pm Noah was waiting at the gate for Jarrod and when he saw him coming up the road Noah ran up the road to meet Jarrod with his arms open.  Sooooo cute! Noah and Jarrod have been playing together since 3pm.  Not fighting which is great.

The boys had a great holiday, doing lots of things. Timezone, lunch out, Wellington, rugby, friends, party, long weekend at their Dads, and heaps more.  I had been busy with the kids holiday programme so nice to be back to the norm.  Jarrod was taken to the rugby with his friend Zoe and her parents and Jarrod came home with red and black stripes on his face and Richie McCaw signature. Here is the photo I took of him when he came home..



He talked non stop after walking in the door. He is a huge rugby fan and was on a high all night.  Don’t know where it comes from because I am soooo not a rugby fan and neither is his Dad. 


On a different note I have been busy with the school fair that is on 29th November at Halswell Primary School.  I am running the craft stall and I have been busy making safety pin angels, beaded hair clips, fairy wands, cards etc for the fair. We have other people making lots of other things to. Key rings, bracelets, necklaces, cards, beaded bookmarks, and heaps more.  We are having a hands on craft stall where the kids can make a craft while at the fair.  Everything is coming together nicely for it. 

Well that is about all from me as I have some sketches to do and to sort out some things for camp.


Have a great night!






Comments on: "Back to School!" (5)

  1. Sounds like you and the boys had a busy holiday – enjoy having them back at school.

  2. OMG I am tired just reading your post !!! Looks like everyone had the best time and I cant understand why leigh wouldnt give you a kiss hee hee, I am only just getting them we have figured that out LOL I can imagine how Jarrod must have been buzzing and so cool to get an autograph WTG !!


  3. Peace and quiet – isn’t it great. Bet Noah is missing the boys back at school though.

  4. Nice to return to normality isn’t it!

  5. OK – I am officially jealous!!! Being that close to Richie McCaw?…. my idea of heaven! LOL

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