Ok, I missed Whoo Hoot Wednesday again but a day late is better than nothing at all….


My Whoo Hoots this week are….

1. The kids holiday programme went well with booked out classes.

2. Jarrod and Leigh got to spend more time with their Dad in the holidays.

3. Yesterday the boys and I went into town on the bus (due to my car not working…..) was fun.

4. The shoppe is ticking long nicely with new stock coming in.

5. Mt Hutt Retreat is 3 weeks away. All the goodies are just about here. A few more things to arrive and pick up. 

6. Got to catch up with Vicki and Aaron this week. Nice for some adult talk, thanks Vicki!



And I have to share….

Today is Vicki’s Birthday.


I hope you have a great day today and take time out to enjoy it. Will give you a ring later.


Happy Birthday my friend!






Comments on: "A Happy birthday and Whoo Hoot Wednesday" (2)

  1. Busy holiday time for you …. almost over now. Glad you’re getting a bit more downtime this week; and then on to your retreat! Yay!

  2. Thank you – I’ve had the best day ever. Looking forward to the retreat too.

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