About time I…..

did a post. LOL!!! I so missed the boat last week. I have been so busy with the launch of the shoppe and the kids holiday programme.  The holiday programme for the kids classes went really well and most of the classes were booked out.  I had a over run of two classes today from last week as couldn’t get everyone in. 

Jarrod and Leigh went to their Dad’s on Thursday last week and come home on Sunday night.  Was nice for them to spend a little longer at their Dad’s but also nice for us to have extra time out from them.  They left here on Thursday 12pm and they headed to Wellington for the night.  I didn’t know they were going until they come home.  Jarrod didn’t believe they were getting on the plane and said he wouldn’t believe it until the wheels left the ground…LOL!!! He didn’t believe Phil when he showed Jarrod a boarding pass with his name on it…LOL!! Jarrod and Leigh loved it and so couldn’t believe they went. 

Been busy sorting out things for the retreat at the end of this month. Things are ticking along nicely with more people coming.  We have the sponsors sending us the prizes which is awesome, thanks guys! Jo Burney designed a layout for the class and as always she has done a fab job, Thanks Jo!

Sneak Peek

I am closing off this week for numbers for the retreat so if you want to join in on the retreat you have till the end of the week to email me.


Don’t forget the retreat blog for updates.



I started back at my old work K&K Fashions last week. I started on Tuesday nigth with the VIP night they had for our VIP customers.  We had 20% off everything in store. Wine, cheese and crackers and a fashion show. Guess who was a model…….yes ME!!!! I had 3 outfits to wear and one outfit sooooo wasn’t me but never mind.  I am filling in for one of the girls who is away on holiday for a few months and it’s ok but hard work standing on your feet for 9 hours a day.  One good thing is I get to work with some good friends so not all bad.  Makes it easier. 🙂

And while back there I get my clothes cheaper so that has to be good…LOL!!! Neil doesn’t think so but this weeks pay is going on CLOTHES!!!

Well better go as have to get up early and head to the shops before Vicki and the kids come over for lunch. 



Till next time




Comments on: "About time I….." (4)

  1. YAY for new clothes I brought some last week but carl and I share a sinlge wardrobe so carl insisted that the threw out the matching amount of old clothes hmmmm some debate there LOL

    Yay you got to have some time without the boys and they got to spend some time with their dad and yay for the class for camp it looks awesome and jo is soooooo talented – wish I was coming !!

  2. How cool it was for your boys to have the surprise trip to Welly!

    Wow, you are super super busy.

    Awesome to read how successful the kids classes were and yay you for stepping in and being a model. That is so cool!

    Yep, you gotta have new clothes especially with that kind of discount. It would be a crime not too, hee hee. 🙂

  3. LOL on the clothes…well you have to look ‘good’ (IYKWIM) when you work in a clothes shop!

  4. I should have come along and taken some photos! LOL

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