Whoo Hoot Wednesday!

The weeks Whoo Hoots are…




1. My layout from Up2Scrap arrived home safe and sound this morning. Whoo hoo!

2. Had a phone call this morning to say I have won a 6 mth subscription to Home and Garden. Whoo hoo!

3. Had a phone call on Monday morning to say I have won a sitting and $100 print from Pixi Photos. Whoo Hoo!

4. I was able to get some me time over the weekend and scrap, whoo hoo! My other layout that I did mixing papers is here, check it out.

5. The Mt Hutt Retreat is coming along nicely with lots of goodies arriving.

6. Have lots of kids booked into the kids classes for next week, man am I going to be busy..LOL!!!


  In my last post I did some layouts different to what I do normally and ask you all the leave a comment telling me what I did different and we have a winner and that is Heidi. Congratulations Heidi! Yes I did mix different companies (papers) together which I sooooooo don’t do…..LOL!!!! But it was fun stepping outside the square.  So Heidi something is in the post to you.


Well that is about it from me, have a great week everyone!




Comments on: "Whoo Hoot Wednesday!" (8)

  1. whoo hoot thats a great list and go you on wining those goodies. Gotta love “me” time and scrapping. Have fun with those classes next week.

  2. Wow, you are on a bit of a winning spree there, Tanya! Congrats!

  3. Wow, Tanya, you are really jammy!

    Do you enter heaps of competitions? Whatever you do CONGRATULATIONS!

    Always love hearing about others winning things.

    You forgot something – What about the meal your boys prepared for you on the weekend? That was cool too. 🙂

  4. Best you be off to buy a Lotto ticket then – your on a winning streak!

  5. Oh cool! thanks!LOL … you’re NOT stalking me then…!!! good list – congrats on your wins!!

  6. Might be time for a family photo with that win!! Congrats. As for mixing papers am very proud of you – will convert you to the dark side yet!!! LOL

  7. Woooo you that is so cool I think you should go buy a lotto ticket, YAY maybe a powerball and then when you win the 18million you will have to

    Yay on mixing PP too hee hee,

  8. sorry moo is playing with the mouse grrrrrr I meant to say when ya win lotto you will have plenty of time to scrap

    YAY on the boys making dinner to and good on you for teaching them WTG


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