I’ve been scrapping!

Over the last few weeks or more I haven’t felt in the mood or had time to scrap but yesterday I wanted to so I did and it felt great.  I have also been scrapping today and I want to share…… The first three layouts are outside the square for me and the first person to guess what I have done different on them from what I normally do i will send out a RAK.  If you know me and how I scrap you will be able to see and tell straight away……LOL!!!!! So here they are….

All 3 layouts are from my sketches over at Little Shop of Sketches. The first person to leave a comment and tell me what is different in these 3 layouts from what I normally do will win a RAK.  There is another layout that fits in with the layouts above but can’t show you sorry, it’s for Little Shop of Sketches for Wednesday.  Don’t forget to check it out then. 


Here is another layout I have just finished..

 I have done another one in the same papers but the light isn’t great so will add later.


An a different note…


I wanted to start teaching Jarrod and Leigh how to cook so last night we started.  Their Dad doesn’t know how to cook and I don’t want Jarrod and Leigh to go through life not knowing how to.  Last night I showed them how to make Creamy Chicken Bake. They had fun and both wanted to learn.  Was nail biting stuff watching Jarrod cut an onion with a knife but we got there without cutting himself.


It is great to see them keen to learn and they want to cook every night but for now I think once or twice a week is good.  And dinner tasted great!


Well, better go and finish dinner. Have a great week!



Comments on: "I’ve been scrapping!" (8)

  1. Great layouts, Tanya – good to scrap again after a long break, eh?
    I totally agree with teaching boys to cook … mine are younger than yours but I am thinking of starting them off with cooking dinner soon! It is definitely important that boys learn this stuff. Looks like your guys are keen and capable, so that’s excellent! 😉

  2. The layouts are great Tanya – WTG ON MIXING PAPERS FROM DIFFERENT RANGES!! my fav tho is actually the PEACEFUL LO – can’t wait to see the other you have done! Excellent for teaching your men to cook…

  3. You’ve used more than one photo on all three layouts … I did think about the papers … but you are normally a one photo girl.

    Go you!!!

  4. I know what you’ve done and I’m just going to say – GO YOU – I knew you could do it.

  5. Great that you are teaching the boys to cook – one day they’ll be off flatting and what a great skill to have developed. Georgeous layouts Tanya, no guesses from me though!

  6. Aw, love these layouts. Tanya. Especially love the last one. Beautiful photo too.

    You are giving me some great ideas for scrapping for boys. Thank you 🙂

    Yay you for teaching your boys how to cook!!!!!!!!!!

    LOL, my Mum taught our four brothers to cook but not us girls. Go figure! Perhaps she ran out of steam by that time, lol?

    Dad was a good cook too.

    So ended up teaching myself to cook from Alison Holst cookbooks as a 18 year old in my first flat. Interesting! But got there in the end.

    Our boys are already interested in cooking but too young to hit the knives yet, haha.

    We get them to help with things like measuring and stirring and they believe they have cooked the whole meal or cake or whatever themselves.

  7. Great lo’s – yay for scrapping time.
    Love that you are teaching yours boys cooking – I really must get onto doing that too

  8. good on you for teaching them to cook… I must find some meals the kids can start doing to cook for the family… might need a few more stools though so they can see over the bench 🙂

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