I love Spring!

Spring is in the air! I so love this time of the year. Love all the spring flowers and I like the smell of the spring flowers.  Today I took photos from around our  house. 




The weather over the last week has been great. Some hot days with a day of rain and today was ok. It’s so nice to be able to go outside with Noah during the day and play ball and not be cold or get wet..LOL!!

Right, I’m off to scrap now the kids are sorted and in bed.  It’s been awhile for me but so need to and want to scrap.  Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂



Comments on: "I love Spring!" (7)

  1. I love spring too! The weather has been fantastic, hopefully the weekend is asa good. That magnolia tree is stunning, must be lovely to look out on it.

  2. Gorgeous magnolia tree! Yes loving spring – apart from the pollen causing me a bit of hayfever – lol!

  3. Pollens aren’t good at this time of the year … stunning pic of the magnolia blooms close up.

    Have fun scrapping.

  4. No wonder they call Christchurch the garden city!

  5. You haven’t had much of a chance to enjoy the outdoors at your new house up to now. Loving the spring photos. Thought that magnolia would be fantastic.

  6. Stunning, Tanya! Especially the magnolia. While it is pretty here, I particularly miss this time of year in ChCh.

    You have a beautiful garden. Looks like it is a real haven – a great place of privacy and for relaxation.

  7. Spring is in the air – love the magnolia! Looove this time of year when we get a spattering of great days amongst the cold promising warm summertimes! can’t wait till daylight savings here!! excellent! good news on the job front – you are gonna be a busy girl tho!!

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