Whoo Hoot Wednesday!


It’s time again for another Whoo Hoot Wednesday.


My whoo hoots this week are…

1. Went to Scrapbook Art for their auction on Saturday and managed to get myself something that cost me more than $300 for a $35 product.  Was alot of fun and lots of laughs.

2. Meet up with Tracy and had coffee before the auction and lunch after.  Thanks Tracy!

3. Had a meeting with Leigh’s teacher and he is doing well. She told me Leigh is a treasure to have in the class room.  Awwwww!

4. I had a phone call from Lincoln High School about out student, Nin.  They told me they had a meeting with him and he loves it here, the kids and the food.  It’s nice to hear that he is happy with us and he wants to stay with us next year as well. 


Well that’s about it from me, still not feeling that flash.  Yesterday wasn’t good, spent most of the day in bed watching TV, feeling very light headed.  Today is better and I’m doing my whoo hoot wednesday so that has to be good. 

Not getting alot of scrapping done with this time of the year for us is always busy and this year we have extra’s so scrapping will come, hopefully soon.


Have a great week everyone!



Comments on: "Whoo Hoot Wednesday!" (4)

  1. Oh thoses are cool wahoots, esp about Leigh and Nim, dont worry about scrapping it will happen when it happens LOL Take some time to look after yourself and there is nothing wrong with a little couch time xoxox Sending you big get better HUGS

  2. Great list Tanya, sounds like the auction was fun. Thats good to read about your student wanting to stay with you next year as well.

  3. Did Noah have to pick you up off the floor??? Hope you are feeling better. Great news about both Leigh and Nin. You are too busy making angels to scrap anyway! LOL

  4. Hope you feel better soon. Excellent news about Leigh – WTG you proud Mum!!

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