Fathers Day!

Well today is Father’s Day and it has been a really quiet one in our house.  Noah is a daddy’s boy anyway but Noah is spending it with his daddy today, following him everywhere Neil goes.  Wanting to do everything Neil does.  Neil’s other 2 boys Daniel and Cameron are with their Mum this weekend so Neil doesn’t get to see them which is a shame but Jarrod and Leigh are with their Dad today which is great.

The whole thing about mixed families is hard and sad sometimes. Mainly around the special times during the year.  But we have been like this for 6 years now and it’s the norm for us but still hard. Neil is having a great fathers day even if the others aren’t here. He got breakfast this morning and I have made him lunch and I guess I have to make dinner also…LOL!! But Jarrod and Leigh will be home for dinner so we can all have a family dinner together. Our Student Nin told us the other day that their fathers day at home in Thailand is on the 5 December which is Kings day and it’s a holiday, same with mothers day (can’t remember the dated).  Neil still has to ring his Dad in Auckland and wish him a happy fathers day. 

And I have been thinking about my Dad. Times like today I wish he was still in my life but it’s hard to have him in my life due to family issues. But that’s another story! 


Anyway, I wish everyone a Happy Fathers Day and hope you are enjoy this day with your Dads.



Comments on: "Fathers Day!" (3)

  1. It must be hard at times … but I’m sure having Noah following him around and filling the day with laughter will ensure Neil enjoys his Father’s Day.

  2. At least with Noah following Neil all day gave you plenty of time for scrapping! ROFL

  3. I’m seeing a few blog design changes….

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