I missed…..

Whoo Hoot Wednesday!

I haven’t been well this week and I am behind on everything due to having no energy to do anything. I have a  headache from hell and my neck is sore blah blah blah and all the rest.  🙂

Yesterday I did have lunch with a couple of friends, one I used to work with that I haven’t seen for awhile.  It was nice to catch up. My other friend has a wee girl 6 months older than Noah and they are the best of friends and Claudia calls Noah her boyfriend, so cute.  They both have blonde hair and look so cute together. 

This photo was taken a few weeks ago….

She follows Noah everything and Noah follows her everywhere.  Yesterday they were so funny watching them play together.  My friends other children are also friends with Jarrod and Leigh which is good and they are the same age and started school together. 

On the shop front, it is taken us longer than we wanted due to a few issues but they are being sorted and you will all know once it is done.  The admin side of things take time and loading all the stock into the shop takes time to.  The forum is ticking along nicely with lots of different things happening so don’t forget to check it out.

The Mt Hutt Retreat is at the end of next month so if you are wanting to come along for a 4 day weekend of scrapping then send me an email and all details will be sent out.  We have another sponsor for the retreat which is great.  Steph from Up2Scrap has sponsored a wonderful prize. Thanks Steph!

We have lots planned for the retreat and more details will go out soon.  Watch out for a discount voucher in your inbox soon. 🙂


Well that’s about it from me,




Comments on: "I missed….." (6)

  1. Aww Noah needed a wee friend but to find a girlfriend!!! Whoo Hoo.

  2. Oh aren’t they cute! Hope your up and about and feeling better real soon!

  3. Sorry to hear you’re not well. Noah looks very cute with his girlfriend!

  4. I so hear you, you sound like I did last week. Hope you feel betetr soon. Cute photo.

  5. hope you are feeling better! its been a horrible time for people with bugs recently!

  6. Ohhh that is adorable 🙂 Seems tp pick up girls where ever we got to, must be a boy thing LOL

    Hope you are feeling better real soon, send you big cyber HUGS xoxox

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