Happy Birthday Leigh!

Today is Leigh’s birthday and he turned 9.  We had a great morning opening presents and having a wee play on the play station before they headed out the door to school.  I hate it when the boys have a birthday on a school day as I like to spend the day with them but I did take Leigh out on Sunday to buy him what he wanted for his birthday and we had lunch out together. 

Then the boys came home and we spent some time together.  Leigh wanted Fish and Chips for his birthday tea and then chocolate cake. YUM!!! Should have seen Noah’s face after the choc cake…..lol!



Happy 9th Birthday Leigh!




Comments on: "Happy Birthday Leigh!" (8)

  1. Happy Birthday Leigh, sounds like you have had a great birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday, Leigh!
    I agree, it is unfair to have to go to school (or work, for that matter!!) on your birthday. Nice that you had some Mum & Leigh time together on Sunday, I’m sure that’s really special to him.

  3. Yahoo Happy Birthday Leigh – hope you’ve had a great day.

  4. Happy Birthday Leigh.
    My Steven is a school holiday boy so he never has his birthday on a school day but then I think he misses out because its holdiay time and friends are often away doing their own thing….Liam is during school term though but this year cause he was 5 he didnt got to kindy or school on his birthday asn we spent the day together. But its great that you got to spend some time to gether on Sunday

  5. Happy Birthday Leigh!!
    Mitchells birthday is always just a couple of days into term3 – so I’m usually quite happy for him to go to school!!They like being with their friends too – but, I know what you mean!remember Mum – HIS birthday, not yours! although come to think of it YOU had him!LOL

  6. Happy Birthday for yesterday Leigh! I hope school wasn’t so bad for you 🙂

  7. Happy Birthday for yesterday, Leigh

  8. Happy Birthday Leigh – love your choice of fish and chips, followed by chocolate cake, that would be up there on my list too!

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