Whoo Hoot Wednesday!

WOW!! I can’t get over how fast the weeks are going.  My Whoo Hoots for this week are:



1.  Up2Scrap is out and I can now show my layout that was accepted..

Not a great photo of it, sorry!  The colours in the Magazine haven’t come out right, the bird has come out pink and grey in it.  😉

2. The problems with the house are just about sorted, 1 left to fix.

3. Had our Japanese students for 10 days and it was great. They left Sunday morning!

4. Had a meeting last night with the boys school for the fair in November. I am running the craft stall and this year I am doing a hands on craft stall.  That was exciting to go to and see what is happening.

5. Jarrod made the A team for school rugby (very excited for him) 🙂

6. The Mt Hutt Retreat is coming along nicely, lot of sponsors. No long to wait!




Well, that’s about it from me. I have lots to do today so better get off here and go do them. 





Comments on: "Whoo Hoot Wednesday!" (5)

  1. Congratulations on your layout in the mag – I saw it as I was flicking through yesterday (now just need to find time to read properly). Very heartfelt journalling, too.
    And big congrats to Jared on his place in the A team!!

  2. Great list there and congrats on being published. Well done Jarrod on your place in the team. How exciting organising the craft stall at the school fair.

  3. The layout looks great Tanya, and I agree with Hannah, your journalling was straight from the heart. Your a brave woman taking on the craft stall at a school fair LOL! Bet it goes well, but boy will you be busy!

  4. I will be getting my copy tommorrow … am looking forward to seeing your lo in print :O) go you!

  5. Sounds like you are getting everything back on track and fantastic to hear things are coming together for the retreat too.
    And yes, I can confirm that your LO does look much better in real life – it is stunning!

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