Our students are GONE!

This morning we dropped San and Kotone at Lincoln High School at 8am.  That was hard for me to be up and ready and out the door just after 7.30am….ROFL!!!  It was very sad saying goodbye to them as they were a big part of our family for the last 10 days.  Last night the girls gave us a present from Japan which was lots of little things.  It was very nice of them.  I was up till 2am this morning finishing of a album for them each to take home to their families. I made them with New Zealand papers I got from Spotlight with sheep on the front and put New Zealand on the front.  It wasn’t anything to involved but lots of photos of the things we did with them over the 10 days.  As it snowed here yesterday we took them through the Lyttleton Tunnel and the drove up and over the hill to The Sign of the Takahe.  At the top it was still snowing at 3pm yesterday. Then we drove down the hill a little to Victoria Park and there was heaps of snow. We all got out and went to walk up the hill a little but it was soooooooo cold my hands were frozen so we went back to the car.


Sign of the Takahe


Victoria Park


Dinner last night

We had Sushi for dinner last night and the girls just loved it, they were happy to have something from home…LOL!! Even Noah had some…


This was the last picture of us before they got on the bus to head home…



San and Kotone taught us alot of Japan and their life in Japan. They go to Okasaki-Nishi High school.  The start school at 8am – 6pm. Kotone is an only child and San has a brother and a sister (with her being the youngest).

After dropping the girls off we came home and found a letter in their room to Neil and I. This is what it said….

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Tanya Leigh and Neil Williams

Thank you very much for the kindness you have shown me during my stay in New Zealand. You have helped make my trip a truly memorable experience, and one that I will cherish for years to come. I hope I have been able to share something of Japan with you, because you have taught me so much about New Zealand. Thank you again.


Sign/ San, Koto



Comments on: "Our students are GONE!" (5)

  1. Okay, that looks kinda cold … no snow down here [again] … it was wonderful that you had the opportunity to spend time with the girls and they too, with you guys … special memories.

  2. What wonderful memories you’ve left them with Tanya.

  3. Great you had such a fantastic positive experience with the girls!!
    Like the new-look blog. How do you keep such late hours?!!

  4. Ummm – yeah! definitely looks co-co-cold!! Sounds like they had a blast, and you guys did too. Definitely an experience.

  5. Hey there – Just brought the latest Up 2 Scrap – love your layout!

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