Whoo Hoot Wednesday!

I’m doing my Whoo Hoot Wednesday very late but it’s still Wednesday, for the next 30 mins at least…LOL!!

My Whoo Hoot’s



1. I was able to join back in the dares at Daring Cardmakers last week after a break for moving. Was nice to get back to it.

2. Having the students here has been great. It is outside the square for us but we are loving it. 

3. My first online class is set for August 20th. Designed by Jo Burney. Thanks Jo!

4. Having all the problems pretty much sorted here. Can get back to normal.

5. Being able to scrap a layout just cause and not around a sketch. It’s one from Scrapbook Memories but loved it so much, had to do it.


Well that’s it for my Whoo Hoots for this week. But did want to share some of my layouts that I have been doing for Little shop of sketches etc…

There were a few in between these but don’t like them and wasn’t with it when I did them.  I want to throw them in the fire….ROFLMAO!!!  😉


Well better so, have a great week!



Comments on: "Whoo Hoot Wednesday!" (9)

  1. Love your layouts Tanya, wonder if your students will take up scrapbooking LOL?

  2. great list there and it sounds like your all settled in. I dont get why scrappers feel like if thier layouts are not up to par that they want to biff them in the fire? Don;t get me wrong I have a few crappy ones (okay so more than a few, but its part of my scrapping history, and it reminds me how good the others are lol. Anyway I thought your layouts were great and was trying to work out which ones you thought were in between lol.

  3. Well I would like to see the so called in between ones as well … I guess we are just over critical of ourselves. I’ve got layouts that I think ewwwwhhhh yuck too … but I guess our creative brilliance can’t shine through ALL the time. ROFLMAO.

  4. The layouts are very cool. I know what you mean about not liking some, but I’d never throw any away. They are still there, documenting a memory, telling the story. And you never know what others will like … a few months ago, one of the DT layouts I HATED was the one everybody LOVED!! Go figure! 😉

  5. Hey glad to hear you have settled into your new home, must be great to have all that space! 🙂 I love the harry potter layout, perfect for the photo! 🙂

  6. Gosh you keep some late hours! I can’t funtion on too many late nights.
    Hey try not to be too critical of your layouts – what everyones saying above is all true – sometimes, it’s not about creating a work of art, just preserving your memories, and usually in the context of a total album it all looks good together. Others are never judging you as harshly as you judge yourself!
    I’m so glad to hear you are enjoying your students!

  7. Don’t you dare!!!! I’ve seen those layouts and they are great! You have been really busy since the decision was made to move house and then with students etc so its nice to see you scrapping “just ‘cos” IYKWIM

  8. mummymoo said:

    Wahoooo another layout in the fire person YAY but I love the ones that have survived 🙂

    And I am so glad that there seems to be a end to all the moving hassles and that the students are working out – that is awesome


  9. LOL, you and I sound a like as far as the fire thing, haha. I have a question to ask you off blog. Please could you email me sometime? 🙂 Promise it is nothing scary. 🙂

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