An interesting weekend!

Last Thursday I headed out to Lincoln High School to pick up our 2 Japanese girls that are staying with us for 10 days.  It has been an interesting 5 days so far.  We took everyone to the Arts Centre and museum to show them around.  Then later in the day I took the girls shopping. That was funny as Kotone and San followed me everywhere I went. If I stopped to have a lot at something they stopped to.  They are both lovely girls and they say ‘Sorry’ and ‘Thank you’ alot.  It sure is different having girls in the house but having them and Nin has been great.  Very different for us and sure is out side the square.  The boys love having them here and Nin has made himself at home and loves the boys to.  As Nin is here for the rest of the year we had to lay some ground rules but he is ok with them. 

Friday night we had Fish and Chips with them which was funny as they hadn’t had it before.  They had a fish each and chips and were so full after it.  We had 10 in the house in the weekend and 10 around the fish and chip packet was funny…LOL!!!

The girls are great with trying all our food.  San doesn’t like peas or beans or whipped cream.  We asked the girls if they wanted to cook a Japanese meal for all of us and they did on Sunday night.  It was great.  We had Okonomiyaki.  Okonomiyaki is a cross between a pancake and a frittata.  When we asked them what they wanted to make (so I could go and get what they needed) they told us pancakes so we all thought cool, we can handle that.  But then on Sunday morning I took them to the Asian food warehouse and we were walking around and San put a cabbage in the trolley and I was thinking OMG!! Cabbage and pancakes so don’t go together….ROFL!!! But it was yummy!!!  We had noodles with it to and here are the photos of our dinner on Sunday night….




The girls were telling us on the first night they were here about their school and the hours.  They start school at 8am through to 6pm, Monday to Friday. Then they bike home for an hour. Then have down time and dinner and then study from 10pm – 12am then bed at 1am.  And then up at 6am to get ready for school and leave home at 7am to be at school by 8am.  I was like OMG!! you have to be kidding.  But NO! I told the boys they have it easy being at school from 9am -3pm and a 2min walk home from school…LOL!!!


Well, better go and do some work. More to tell later!



Comments on: "An interesting weekend!" (2)

  1. I love how you have fish and chips on the floor – it just what we do – is it a NZ tradition? When we were kids we used to sit around and wonder if the Queen did the same thing or whether she had hers with a fork – lol

  2. Definitely fish and chips on the floor in our house too. Sounds like a great experience for all of you.

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