Whoo Hoot Wednesday!


My Whoo Hoots for this week!

1. Being able to get on here and do a whoo hoot for this week…LOL!! I so missed the boat last week.

2. Having the house and business just about sorted.

3. Have picked 2 designers for Little Shop of Sketches. Exciting!!!

4. The boys can walk to school and home again. Saving me petrol money. Gotta be good, right?

5. We have one of our students. He is great and was playing with the boys last night and told them what  NO means in Thai…..not sure I like that, but is funny.

6. Pick up the other 2 students from school tomorrow 3pm. Should be interested and fun having 10 in the house over the weekend. 🙂

7. Had scrappy Friday here in the new place last week which was great and had Nic come along for the first time. Was great to have you here Nic.  🙂

Well that’s pretty much it but have to rant over a few things.

Ever since we moved into this place we have had a very stressful time with our property manager. The place was far from clean and she classed it as a standard condition.  There have been alot of tradesman here during the last 2 weeks fixing things and it’s been a nightmare.  Then to top it off the bad weather we had last week (lots of rain and floods) the garage flooded and now we have to do an insurance claim.

When we moved in we put alot of things in the garage on the floor and was sorting them into the house one box at a time.  We were a bit late with some things….ie. my wedding dress, Neils computer screens, our xmas tree and decorations, just to name a few.  Not that happy with the flood in the garage and according to the tenancy services flooding is a no no.  Just something else I have to deal with. 


Well, better go, have things to scrap. 

Have a great week everyone!



Comments on: "Whoo Hoot Wednesday!" (6)

  1. Great list Tanya. eeeeks at the problems with the house and the flodding though (thats pretty sucky).

  2. Oh dear, I’m sorry to hear about all the problems with the new house, and especially the flooding! Just what you don’t need! I hope it’s able to be sorted out soon.

  3. But the house is just fantastic for you all!!! Hope it doesn’t take too long to get sorted and you can actually enjoy being there with all that space.

  4. Hope you get all the problems sorted and behind you soon so you can settle down and enjoy your new home – really nice to be there last friday. Life will seem so much better now everyone can have their own space.

  5. Hey Tanya – hope you get your problems sorted out with the house. I hope there was nothing that got wet that was unreplaceable (photos etc) Are you getting more rain now?

  6. mummymoo said:

    Oh poor you such a mixed time, stink you have to deal with the property manager and I am so sorry that some really special things got flooded (((HUGS))) to you but I did laugh about your student teaching the boys ‘no’ LOL and I hope you have fun with the new students and the designers are great xox the sun will shine soon I promise 🙂

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