We made it!

Well we are in the new house.  Everything went well and nothing was broken.  Daniel dropped my bed in the dirty water in the drive way but other than that everything went well.  The new house is HUGE! The boys have their own rooms which is the best part and they go to bed without fighting. YAHOO!!! Their are a few problems with the new place and we are sorting them with the owner this week, leaking taps, broken shower head etc. We were without the phone for the whole weekend but we did have internet which was just as well…..ROFL! The phone is all fixed now and spend yesterday on it..;) The boys walked to school and home again which is great and they love it to.  What a huge saving on petrol.  Gotta be good!

I haven’t got around to unpacking my scrappy stuff yet but that is todays job, NEED TO SCRAP, NEED TO SCRAP!!! Haven’t done any for 5 days….LOL! My 2 new rooms is awesome and can’t wait to get in there to do something, will take a photo and post it here once it’s all sorted. 

We are getting some students which arrive next week, one who will be with us till the end of the year and then next Thursday we get 2 girls just for 10 days.  They come to NZ and spend 10 looking around (site seeing) and checking out the school to see if they want to come to NZ to study.  2 girls in the house will be so different and weird as all I have known is boys.  The students rooms are all set up and ready for them, just need a few other things for them which I am doing today.  The boys are looking forward to it and so are Neil and I.  Will be something different for us. 


Anyway, just wanted to let you know I am still around and back blogging, better go and find my way around this house….LOL!!! Till tomorrow at Whoo Hoot Wednesday….




Comments on: "We made it!" (5)

  1. Sounds like you are all settled in! Glad the move went well and especially that you had internet, LOL! It will be great having the students, a little extra pocket money and some female company for you 🙂

  2. Glad the move went okay….must be so nice to have so much space and look forward to seeing some photos of your new scrapbook space

  3. I wanna see your scrappy area all set up!!!!

  4. topkatnz said:

    Yay! you’re getting girls! that will be a shock to the household…and I can’t wait to see your new scrappy space either!!

  5. mummymoo said:

    Oh wow that sounds cool and far out you must be going thru scrap withdraws hee hee, cmon be honest did you find treasure you had forgotten you had?? hee hee

    Good luck with the students – girls how cool it that, they will help balance out the numbers some what LOL

    Sorry about the bed, I am sure you should swap that on to neils side 😉

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