Whoo Hoot Thursday!

Whoo Hoot

Whoo Hoot Wednesday is Whoo Hoot Thursday for me….:)

I ran out of time yesterday to do this and have a spare few mins to do it now.


So my Whoo Hoots this week are…

1.  We are pretty much packed and ready to go tomorrow. Garage is another story, but that’s Neils job..LOL!

2. The kids classes were a huge hit again. Everyone was happy with what they did.

3. My little man had his hair cut today and looks cute. The whole time Noah sat in the chair he had his hands over his face. Didn’t want my hair dresser looking at him…LOL!!!

4. I found that Becky Fleck has a blog but you probably already know by now.

5. I got lots of happy mail from different people this week, thanks!


Well that’s it from me for a few days I would say. Early start tomorrow for us all. Dropping Noah at a friends place first thing in the morning and she will have him for the day.  One car is already packed and using my friends car also and Vicki is coming to help us to tomorrow and then Andrew and Vicki are coming back Saturday to help also.  Thanks heaps guys, it means alot for the help.

We are picking up a huge trailer on Saturday morning to do all the big stuff, beds, tables, washing machine and I would say it’s a trailer load on it’s own for all my scrappy stuff…..ROFLMAO!!!!!:)

Well have a great weekend and I will catch you all in a few days time.






Comments on: "Whoo Hoot Thursday!" (8)

  1. Good luck with the move Tanya, enjoy all that space. See you online in a week.

  2. You sure have had a busy couple of weeks what with all the packing and still doing the kids classes. Are in the final countdown now.

  3. All the best for the big move!! Get a photo of the trailer loaded with scrapbooking stuff … can totally see that on a LO! 😉
    Hope the weather is fine and that you have loads of helpers.

  4. topkatnz said:

    Good luck with the move – see you on the other side!! bummer its raining – hope it clears for tommorrow…

  5. WOW hasnt the two weeks gone fast…well maybe not for you but it doesnt seem that long ago that you posted you were moving. Good to hear you have some help with moving and hope the weather stasys fine for you or the rain holds of at least

  6. Good luck with the move guys! Crossing my fingers that the weather stays helpful…

  7. good luck with the move Tanya. hope the weathers good for you

  8. mummymoo said:

    Hey just wanted to say thinking of you all this weekend and fingers crossed you have great weather.

    Take care and remember the guys can lift all the heavy stuff !!!

    Talk to ya soon xox

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