Well we are now into the second week of the holidays and our house is looking like a bomb has gone off in it…:) The kids haven’t been doing much due to us packing, cleaning and the ‘Kids Make Stuff’ holiday programme. But they have been to friends places and Leigh has his mate here today for the night and also tomorrow for the day. He had one of his other mates over last week for dinner, movie and sleep over. They went to their Dads in the weekend and they went to QEII and watched Wellington Phoenix VS Mainland Premier. Jarrod is a huge soccer fan and loved it and can’t stop talking about it.  🙂

While the boys were away for the weekend Neil and I got heaps done. We had a garage sale on Saturday and got rid of STUFF. LOL!!! Was great to clear out the garage and now we don’t have to take it with us.  Made some cash to, which is even better.  Here is a picture of one of the bedrooms packed….


The rest of the house is the same, makes you think if you can live without all this for a couple of weeks do I really need it……:) YES!  The bed in the photo is Noah’s bed but he is bunking in with the boys for a week and they all love it so much they want to bunk in together in the new house….I don’t think so with 7 bedrooms to pick from…

Here is the boys room before I got to the beds to make them…..


We won’t need bunks in the new house which will be great.  They are a pain to make. It’s like camping, they even rotate beds with each other. 

My scrappy stuff it sort of packed. Can’t pack it all away due the the kids classes and I am getting some sketches done to.  Just trying to get everything sorted now being the last week and all. Carpet cleaners, changing phone, power, rubbish bin, insurance etc.

This isn’t even half of it….LOL!!! 


Not long to go and it will be all over.  I have my friend looking after Noah on Friday for me and I am having her car to move some stuff. My car doesn’t even fit my scrappy trolley in the boot..LOL!!! So between the boys and me we will be doing the moving on Friday on our own.  Neil can’t get Friday off work.  Saturday we have Vicki, Andrew and Tracy to give us a hand so we should be right.  Just have lots of kids to sort to. 


Right, better go and get sorted for the kids class this afternoon.




Comments on: "Holidays, packing and moving!" (8)

  1. Good luck with the rest of your packing, and for the big move on Saturday!

  2. Doesnt the time fly by….what alot of boxes and isnt it amazing what can be packed up and not needed for a few weeks. Good luck with the big move and I hope the weather will be fine for you

  3. topkatnz said:

    You look very organised – I’m impressed; we have so much ‘stuff’ I always find moving and packing a huge job. Good luck for the move and can’t wait to see new place!

  4. Good luck with the rest of that packing, I love unpacking the best lol. Hope the weather is kind and very cool to have friends helping out. Good luck with the move.

  5. You’re in the last days now and going great. Aaron went to that soccer game as well.

  6. mummymoo said:

    Yay OMG you have achieved so much FAR OUT well done and it is so much more fun when you have friends giving you a hand 🙂 LOL about the boys and the bunks tho – I am sure like you say with 7 rooms that wont last to long 🙂

  7. Isn’t it great to have such a good sort out as you go…good on you having a garage sale and all the best with the move on Saturday, will be hoping for nice weather to make the move smooth!

  8. You sure are busy Tanya.Good luck with our shift.The new house sounds huge.

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