Our new home!

Just thought I would share with you all our new home. We start moving in on the 18th July.  It’s a 2 min walk to the boys school.  We are so looking forward to this. 



Anyone want to help us move?  ROFLMAO!!! 🙂



Comments on: "Our new home!" (9)

  1. Wow, looks awesome!
    I’d help you move if I lived a bit closer, ROFL!

  2. Well I’m a little geographically challenged to help – crikey, look at the size of it … and the rent is HOW much???

  3. Looks great Tanya, and yep if I was a bit closer would be there lending a hand!

  4. Yip I would lend you a hand if i was closer too…house looks lovely and big, but down side to big houses is lots of housework,hehe

  5. We’ll be there. Looks fantastic.

  6. Holy guacamole its huge!!!!!!! its gorgeous! wowser! get my drift? you are going to have visitors get lost in that place on their way to the loo! :o)

  7. mummymoo said:

    WOW that is cool and I would be around in a second if it wasnt the matter of that small straight in the way, hey helping ya move might be just the thing to start this labour hee hee

    AWesome yay I am so excited for you xox

  8. Looks very cool, pass on the packing and moving lol

  9. Yep, count me in to help …

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