Whoo Hoot Wednesday!

WOW! I so can’t believe how fast each week rolls round.  Here we are at another Wednesday.  I have a headache from hell and haven’t been feeling the best over the last few days but life goes on.  So here are my Whoo Hoots for this Wednesday….



1. We got the HUGE house with 7 bedrooms and move on the weekend of 18, 19 and 20th July. Just before school returns.

2. My first online class for Stampin’ Scrap is set for August.  Jo Burney is the designer so be sure to check back soon for the info.  Thanks Jo! 🙂

3. It’s Neils birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEIL!  He is 36 today.  SHHHHH I didn’t tell you that….LOL!!

4. Have had alot of people interested in being a designer for Little Shop of Sketches….:)

5. Heidi has started her own blog, check it out here



I had a phone call from the boys school today to tell me Leigh tripped over and hit his head on a rock.  There was blood but a very small hole.  It looks like a black eye in the making so will see how he looks tomorrow but he is fine. 

Well that’s me for another Wednesday and now I am off to bed to get rid of this headache. 

Have a great week, will catch up on blogs when I have rested…:)




Comments on: "Whoo Hoot Wednesday!" (9)

  1. Congrats on getting the house and good luck with all the packing. Great news that you’ve had a lot of people apply to be designers for Little Shop of Sketches, hope the task of choosing isn’t too scary!

  2. Great list there Tanya. Hope Leigh doesn’t feel worse for wear this morning. Congrats on getting the house, wow all that space will be a godsend, I bet you all can’t wait.

  3. YAY on the house…you wont know yourselves with all that space…..Happy Birthday Neil….hope Leigh is feeling better after a good nights sleep

  4. Huge congrats on getting the house!! Make sure you post plenty of pics 🙂
    Happy Birthday to Neil!
    I hope Leigh’s injury isn’t too serious and that his black eye isn’t too obvious … although in saying that, most boys are quite proud of those “war wounds”, aren’t they? LOL

  5. Yay – another one in the “black eye club”. Ouch, hope Leigh is feeling ok today … well done on getting the house you wanted.

    Happy Birthday Neil for yesterday!

  6. Happy belated birthday Neil!!! The new house sounds amazing – 7 bedrooms – wowser – thats alot of space, cool! Hope Leigh is okay today? Your website just goes form strength to strength doesnt it – awesome!

  7. Can’t wait to see this amazing house now. Glad that Leigh is going to be OK and can’t see him letting you take a photo of the black eye though!

  8. topkatnz said:

    Congrats on the house – take care of yourself and don’t let those bugs get on top of you.

  9. OMGosh Tanya! This house is magnificent!!! Best of luck with the move! And that snow sure does look cold!

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