Whoo Hoot Wednesday!


WOW!! I can’t believe how fast the weeks roll around.  Here we are again at another Wednesday so my Whoo Hoots this week are….

1.  You all know this one but here it is again…….:) My layout was accepted for August issue of Up2Scrap. YAHOO!!

2. Spoke to my cousin Michelle from Whangarei on Monday night, Was nice to catch up with her.

3. Had lunch with a couple of friends today which was great as haven’t had time lately. 🙂

4. Had a look around the outside of a new house today to rent.  Would you believe it it has 7 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and 2 living areas. Having a look through Friday morning.  Very excited about it. Perfect for the business. 

Well that’s it for my Whoo Hoots for this week.  Have crop tonight so better get my A into G.


Till next time






Comments on: "Whoo Hoot Wednesday!" (7)

  1. Again congratulations about your layout, and great news bout the house if you get it and it suits all your needs

  2. You could definitely do with a bit more room with all those boys and wow 7 bedrooms!

    Congrats on the Up2Scrap layout.

  3. Wow what a large house – sounds cool.
    I just had tea with Chelle 🙂 Cool that you guys got to have a catch up

  4. Ummmmm … seven bedrooms … okay, if there’s not enough room with that many bedrooms you lot are in trouble …

  5. Ummm just think of all the cleaning…be nice to have that sort of space though!

  6. Wow thats a great list and good luck with the house viewing. That would meet your needs allright.

  7. mummymoo said:

    Yay for everything and fingers crossed about the house, if it is meant to be, it will be, all I can think in cleaning all those rooms LOL xox

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