here at the moment….


It is sooooo cold here today. We have all the curtains closed with the fire on in one lounge and the heater on in the second lounge.  I also have Neil at home with the MAN FLU!!! 🙂 from yesterday.  His cold is really bad but he hasn’t complained once…..YAHOO for me! ROFL:)






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  1. Wow! No wonder it is so cold here today, it only gets suddenly cold like this when it’s snowing down there!

    Man Flu … oh dear!!

  2. Awww poor Neil – so tell me have you given him a list of things to do on the computer yet seeing as he is home!!! LOL

  3. Its cold enough up here you must be freezing down there. I have fire on too but im jsut a big wimp,LOL

    Hope Neil is better soon…mothing worst than MAN FLU….hehe

  4. I had just heard on the news about the snow. I also heard a cold blast isworking its way up the island…..brrrrrr I am enjoying the sun today after a cold wet one yesterday. Don’t fancy the cold cold like you guys have.

  5. OMG not Man Flu??? thats the worst flu ever! Poor Neil…more to the point…poor you lol! hope he feels better soon

  6. Man flu?? I feel sorry for you already!! 😆 And that sure looks COLD

  7. Poor Neil, flu’s not fun, and okay it’s worse for him because he’s male, but it’s still not nice. Love all the hail – it looked great on the news.

  8. Yep – must say that it has been more than a ‘little’ on the cold side in the deep south today. We have had hail and snow flurries … the snow flurries didn’t last long tho.

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